Polls Reveal: Sex Not Dollar Sets Economy Going

Employees satisfied with their sexual life will guarantee the well-being of the whole nation
DELFI reports that participants of an international conference for sexual problems recently held in South Korea arrived at a curious conclusion. It turns out that people satisfied with their sexual activity make a bigger contribution to economy. This idea has been already suggested long ago.

The founder of the Asian sexology federation says that sexual health is not only lack of diseases or disfunctions. Employees satisfied with their sexual life will guarantee the well-being and effectiveness of the whole of the nation. At hard economic periods, people’s sexual activity fades away; it reduces not because of sexual problems, but for financial reasons. This is some kind of a vicious circle.
Earlier, condom producer Durex published the results of its annual research into sexual activity of different nations. People who are most of all satisfied with their sexual life live in Thailand (92 per cent), Vietnam (90 per cent), China and Spain (83 per cent) and Iceland (80 per cent of the population). Russians turned out to be the most dissatisfied with their sexual life. Even though Russians make love 150 times a year on average, only 59 per cent of respondents say they are satisfied with their sexual life.
The research revealed that Hungarians are the most active sexual partners: they make love 152 times a year. The French who are so much proud of their sexual resources revealed rather modest results: they make love 144 times a year. Italians and Spaniards have 110 and 123 love nights a year correspondingly. Americans make love 118 times a year, Germans - 120 times, Australians - 125 times a year.
Eastern Europe registered rather impressive results. The average showing registered in Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro is much higher than the world average result.
The opinion poll was conducted among 150,000 respondents from all countries of the world and revealed that on average a man on this planet makes love 127 times a year. 73 per cent of respondents are satisfied with their sexual life. One-night sexual relationship is really popular in the world; 45 per cent of respondents admit the fact.

Durex recommends adventurers to go to Scandinavia. 71 per cent of Icelanders, 70 per cent of Norwegians and 68 per cent of Finns say that they had sex with strangers. These are rather impressive results as compared with the poll results obtained in other countries. Only 37 per cent of Germans and 24 per cent of Hindu had sex with people they just met.   
People from Hong Kong are the most honest sexual partners; only 15 per cent of them pretend they are satisfied with their sexual life. However, Korrespondent.net reports that 47 per cent of Australians simulate orgasm.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov