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Sexual admonition of Genkhis Khan

There is a legend that Genkhis Khan who had plenty of wives and concubines, died on the day when he realized that his sexual life was scarce without the Chinese Dao of Love. 
According to historians, Temujin known by the world under the name of Genkhis Khan ЁC Ruler of the World had 26 wives and 2 thousand concubines. But one day he had to regret about having such lust for sex.

Trophy wives
Pagan Mongols were allowed to have as many wives as they liked. However, a man was required to pay substantial ransom to his wifeЎЇs mother, and the wife brought no dowry to the husband.
In addition, shamans prohibited a man marrying the girls of his tribe under the threat of damnation. Shamans were afraid of Ў°spoiling the bloodЎ±, and often there were no other tribes around. A man had to go on a long dangerous trip to get a fiancЁ¦e. 
A Mongol man not having a wife was exposed to shame. Sometimes the parents even arranged marriage contracts and luxurious wedding ceremonies for their children who had died, famous traveler Marco Polo wrote. 
Getting women was often the purpose of the wars conducted by Mongols in Medieval Ages against the peoples of Asia and Eastern Europe. A woman was the most valuable plunder for warriors, and a poor person had the only opportunity to get a woman in war. Ў°Free wives!Ў±, was the most common MongolsЎЇ demand from their leaders. 
§ґ§Цmujin was born in 1155 §Ф§а§Х§е in the family of a noble leader who had united several tribes. However, until he turned 50 years old, Temujin had only one wife who was older than him. Her name was Borte, and she also belonged to a powerful clan. Parents arranged this marriage for Temujin when he was nine years old. Soon after the wedding, the father of the future Ruler of the World was poisoned by his enemies, and the family got stricken with poverty. The boy had only a mother and 12-year-old wife.

Probably Genkhis Khan loved Borte who became his first woman ЁC even cruel conquerors can have such feelings. Probably, powerful Temujin also had the reflex of being scared of his Ў°adultЎ± spouse, and she was the head of the family. She did not protest against his bringing concubines from military missions ЁC they were just items for housework and sex. Contrary to the wife, neither concubine nor her children had any rights.
When Borte got old and could not give birth to children, and Temujin turned into Genkhis Khan, his associates started telling him that one wife and one son is too little for the Ruler of the World.
Genkhis Khan started with sisters Esui and Esugan from a Tatar clan he conquered. And then the elderly emperor could not stop. Borte was not pleased with that, but she politely accepted junior wives. She was the ruler of the harem of foreign princesses of the peoples Genkhis Khan conquered. 
Only at one point the senior wife got scared. She knew that most of all Genlhis Khan liked educated, graceful and skillful in sex Chinese girls. A man often likes his antipode ЁC cruel despot Temujin wanted to marry the daughter of the emperor of China conquered by him. Such noble girl could have pretensions of the same harem rank as Borte. The Chinese emperor agreed to this marriage. However, it disappointed Genkhis Khan.
When the curtains of the palanquin of the fiancee were drawn out, the Khan saw a thin plain girl with pointed chin and small eyes dressed in expensive silk clothes. The girl politely smiled at the Khan, showing her irregular row of teeth.

For the sake of politeness, Genkhis Khan conducted the wedding ceremony with the girl, but no more. This woman had no children, and historians believe that the real daughter of Yun-Tsy emperor  glorified by poets, was replaced by some other girl of less noble origin. The Chinese emperor could do this, but probably it was the affair of Borte who was especially friendly to this junior wife.
After Genkhis Khan turned 65, he started thinking more and more that one day he would die as the dirtiest slave. Senile infirmity revealed itself by weakening the body and aches in the waist. Penis became weaker as well. 
The Great Khan respected the wisdom of Chinese. After hearing that they possess the secret of immortality, in 1222 Genkhis Khan invited famous monk and wizard Chan Chun from the banks of the Irtysh river. Genkhis Khan respectfully asked him for the medicine for eternal life.

Ў°You poured out sperm into too many women to expect immortalityЎ±, Chan Chun replied.

He told shocked Genkhis Khan about Dao of love ЁC the doctrine of sex as the way to extend life. It was elaborated by the legendary Yellow Emperor who lived one thousand years before. 

The monk said that during orgasm a man and a woman discharge the juices of the body, and his/her partner benefit from this by gaining energy. The man striving for immortality can have intercourse with many women only after he learn the skills of throwing them into ecstasies and not pouring out his sperm. In this way he gains womenЎЇs energy Ў°InЎ±, preserving his manЎЇs energy Ў°YanЎ± for special cases ЁC when he goes not to a concubine, but to a wife and wants her to give a birth to a son.     
Ў±Did you follow these principles in your life, Emperor?Ў±, Chan Chun asked. 
Genkhis Khan realized that he could expect neither immortality no one more son. He let the monk go in peace and 5 years later died, bequeathing his son and grandchildren to save man's sperm so that they could gain force for increasing the fame of their clan.
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