Repented man healing diseased: hypnotists are servants of devil

If after felling exhausted you stopped attending the sessions of extrasensory healers or wizards, it does not mean that you managed to get rid of spiritual vampires.

The “healer” can attach a special beam to his/her patient absorbing  his/her energy: in this case the person’s disease can progress and finally cause the person’s death, former extrasensory healer Michail Kokotinsky told this to our reporter.

- How did you become an extrasensory healer?

-At the beginning of the 90s occultism, magic, parapsychology and extrasensory healing started booming in the Soviet Union. I was working as a school teacher in Kiev. One day on the street somebody was measuring people’s energy with Bion device, and I learnt about my big healing potential. I started attending special courses and received the diploma of a bio energy operator and the diploma of a bio energy specialist majoring in extrasensory energy which cannot be measured with ordinary devices. I mastered the program “The ways of utilizing biological energy and improving extrasensory abilities of a person”. Bulgarian extrasensory healer Ivan Iotov taught us many things as well…                  

- Where did you practice the skills you had learnt?

- At the clinic in Minsk District of Kiev. We offered the clinic director cooperation in diagnostics and curing diseases. The director did not believed either in God or extrasensory healing and demanded our producing proofs of our abilities. Many doctors were watching us. The clinic patients were brought, and we gave precise diagnoses and detailed characteristic of their diseases. Meanwhile, initially we had no records for these patients. After this we received an office and permission to consult patients. This permission was approved by high-ranking Health Care officials as well.

- How did you heal the diseased?

- By word and extrasensory healing, by influencing the subconscious side of human mind. We measured the injured bio energy sphere of a person with the special device we themselves constructed. I could even name the diseases the person had long time ago in his/her childhood. Some mysterious inner voice was “whispering” me all necessary information. This was flattering my self-esteem. I considered myself as thechosen one”. After extrasensory healing sessions we recommended the patients to go to the church and undergo the procedure of confession and receiving communion. It was our obligation to recommend this.  

- Тhis is a blessed deed – to attract people to the church, to God…

- Earlier I believed so as well. However, good intentions do not always produce good results. I attended the church to receive communion and… charge myself with energy. Today I can that many such people come to pray to Kievo-Pecherskaya monastery. In fact they not actually pray, but touch the monastery walls and columns and “get charged” from them as the battery from the power circuit. Luckily, when being in the Russian Orthodox Church such people cause no danger to others.

- Could you see the person’s aura?

- Yes, but only when it was half-turned off. Aura is a grey transcending cover in shape of oval. Its shape and size depends on the person’s condition of health. It has holes in the areas where the person’s organ is damaged. Such holes can be “closed up” by non-physical massage. Sensitive hands of the hypnotist can restore one’s aura and improve his/her health by emitting energy. I could treat diseases even on long distances! I was able to conduct sessions on the phone. The person calling me from another town could fell the warm touch of my fingers.  

- Can any person become an extrasensory healer?

- An extrasensory healer must have strong energetic field and ability to influence other people. However, today anybody having money can study extrasensory basics and receive diploma on it. When I studied extrasensory basics, one of my fellow-students was so troublesome that we were eager to expel him. He used to say: “They did harm to me, and I’ll do harm to them”. We addressed this problem to our supervisor, but he said he could do nothing because this person had paid for the tuition. As a rule, such “healers” are preoccupied only with charging money from gullible people. They cover up their activity with the license the Health Ministry issued them.

- Doesn’t the Health Ministry realize the danger the extrasensory healers pose?

- Being unable to cure many diseases, our official Health Care system gave the way to the non-traditional forms of medicine which includes a number of extrasensory healers. In fact, they are spiritual descendents of wizards and witches who was burned by the Inquisition…

Official medicine was unable to elaborate one outlook on the nature and cause of psychic and nervous diseases. Russian Academician Krapivin came to the terrifying conclusion after researching the human brain: “There is a belief that the state of meditation improves the person’s health because it lowers the rhythms of breathing, the frequency of the heart systoles, the level of lactate in the blood plasma and the heart relaxation   takes place. There is also a belief that such an unusual state is the best rest. However, after detailed studying of electric encephalograms it becomes obvious that this is not a rest, but a different and strange state of brain – dangerous mobilization of all physiological resources of the brain”. According to Russian Orthodox psychiatrists, such state opens the “gate of the soul” where occultists – conductors of dark forces – can enter.  

- Why do people in trouble prefer coming to extrasensory healers than to preachers?

- It is extremely tempting to gain instant “healing” and get rid of “wasting disease” and not as time-consuming as attending the church for years, praying, repenting and receiving communion. The person going to the extrasensory healer has no idea of the fierce struggle over his soul between the forces of good and evil. I became convinced in this after seeing the film of the photo of the infant being baptized. The film contained the lighted up silhouette of its Angel-Savior was over the baptizing tub...

The invisible parallel world exists independently on our believing in it or not. It is proved that this parallel world is much more densely populated than our (chronal-metrical) world and consists of the atomic world (Supreme Mind), phemto world (spirits of the good and evil) and peak world  (the thin world of souls). Our eyesight perceives only the anomaly phenomena of one of these worlds — such as UFOs or poltergeist.

- When did you realize the “danger” of your healing?
- At one point I asked the preacher to bless my conducting “healing sessions,” and he firmly refused to do this saying that is pure Satanism. I started having doubts: can the person really become a “healer” after paying money and receiving diploma?

- Сan the devil give the ability of curing people?
- He creates the illusion of healing the body, but tries to ruin our souls. For this reason the extrasensory healer is the conductor of dark forces and often acts as spiritual vampire. After his sessions a person feels exhausted. This is witchcraft contradicting the will of God and human being. Earlier I could notice many times that my patients felt bad during my sessions, especially when I was reading prayers. When I sent such patients to Kievo-Pecherskaya monastery, they could go mad there. At that time elderly monk Feofil (Pafnuty) was alive. During his reading prayers people used to start howling so terribly…  I came to understanding that I was doing something wrong. Later my hypnotism teacher explained to me that our activity was illegal because we had no blessing from the church. He started studying at theological college, I joined the Sunday School at Saint Kirill Church.

- Can the extrasensory healer cure “wasting disease”, protect a person from the witch or wizard?

- They all have the common “father” – devil. Therefore one can say not about “curing wasting disease,” but of increasing the trust to the “servants of the devil” who are interested in involving more sinner souls in Satanism. Extrasensory healers and wizards can hide their personality under the mask of Protestant preachers who turn the Bible into spiritual weapon… Contrary to the Ukraine, in the Western countries extrasensory healers and wizards can be fined for their activity. For example, the maximum payment for damaging one’s health is $1.5 million in the USA, $0.7 million in Canada and $0.3 million in Australia.

- Could you give recommendations on protecting the person and his/her loved ones from such damaging influence?

- They are simple: never attend such “sessions”. If you came there by chance, never look into the eyes of your “healer”. Otherwise, you will be hypnotized and lose the control over yourself. Remember: the higher the spiritual level of the person is, the more he/she is protected in public places such as Metro, stores, movie theaters…

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Author`s name Pavel Morozov