Russian veterinary seizes animal surgery

Russian veterinaries stopped animal surgery which requires narcosis.

Animals Rights Protection centre “Vita” president Irina Novozhilova says veterinaries were forced to refuse surgery after Moscow veterinaries were checked by State Drug Control and fines were imposed together with lodging files, on the ground of vets using prohibited psychotropic drugs.

Novozhilova says “the centre receives hundreds of calls from pet owners who confirm that veterinaries refuse surgery with narcosis, claiming they would have problems with law”

She explained that for animal anesthesia ketamine hydrochloride is used, and it’s not in the list of drugs allowed for use in veterinary. What is allowed is rometar, but it doesn’t anesthetize animals, only stills them”  
“As a results, veterinaries have a choice to either stop surgery or watch an animal being terribly hurt. The latter isn’t something a doctor can do”.

In Novozhilova’s opinion, only a joint order of Health Ministry and Agriculture Ministry to put the needed drugs into the allowed list can save the situation. And later, she underlined, the legislation has to be changed accordingly.

“Vita” also informed that according petitions would be sent off to the ministries by parliament members.