Author`s name Michael Simpson

Why Aged People Have Kinder Hearts

As it has been discovered, nerves of aged people are stronger and their emotions are mostly positive
When people get older their brain selects bad remembrances and throws them away. American researchers think this is the reason why older people treat the life more positively.

A research group headed by Doctor Susan Turk Charles from the University of Southern California, Irvine, reached a conclusion that aged people usually recollect more positive facts of their lives, not negative ones as compared with younger generations. The results of the research were published in June issue of Experimental Psychology General.

The researchers say that this cleaning of memory is gaining force in the course of time when people grow older. Susan Turk Charles and her colleagues want to try and understand the role of memory in a recently discovered phenomenon. As it has been discovered, nerves of aged people are stronger and their emotions are mostly positive.

The researchers say that the results of their investigations prove the theory of social and emotional selectiveness that means that people accumulate more experience and knowledge with time. The scientists emphasize that provisional analyses performed on part of the human brain called cerebellar tonsil revealed that aged people take negative events in the life much easier; they try to be less nervous about troubles.

However, not all scientists agree with the opinion of the research group. In particular, other scientists say that it is not brain that selects more positive facts than negative ones; in fact, they say, older people slightly respond to those negative everyday factors and stresses that they experienced many times within a lifetime. This is the reason why nerves of aged people are "iron strong" as we call them. What is more, scientists say that hormones have less effect upon people in the post-climacteric period which is a considerable factor that helps relieve a stress.


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