Children Taken ill with Computer Epilepsy

Headache is the first symptom of the disease
Children diseased with computer epilepsy have been revealed in the Russian city of Kotlas in the Arkhangelsk region. Computer epilepsy is a reaction of the human organism to flashing shots of light which causes excitement of nerve cells. As a rule, mostly children suffer from the disease. Sometimes the diseased have to stay under medical supervision for several years. Four children suffering from convulsions have been registered in Kotlas.

The Vecherny Kotlas newspaper reports, people of any age can suffer from convulsions, but first-form pupils and teenagers of 13-15 years fall victims to the disease more often. Two instances with similar symptoms of a children's disease have been registered within the past two years. The children played computer games all night long, had very short sleep and were hit with convulsions and became unconscious next morning.

Convulsions are the far gone stage of the disease that usually starts with ordinary headaches. According to the statistics, 3-5 percent of first-form pupils complain of headaches; the percentage reaches 20% among third-form pupils, while up to 50-60 percent of schoolchildren in the fifth or sixth forms suffer from regular headaches. 

Specialists say that computer games produce an oppressive effect not only upon the physical condition of children, but also upon the mentality. Prematurely born children, those who suffered an injury during confinement or pre-natal hypoxia belong to the risk group in this case. Complaints about headaches, weariness and indisposition are the first signs of the terrible disease.

Specialists say that walking is the best prophylaxis of the disease. A child should spend about 30 minutes out-of-doors every morning, and up to 2-2.5 hours in the daytime. Children at the age of 3-7 are allowed to spend only 15 minutes sitting in front of a PC monitor a day; the period makes up not more than 40 minutes for children at the age of 7-15.


Author`s name Michael Simpson