Yekaterinburg Sanitary State Favorable for SARS and Dysentery Spread

Russia's Chief Sanitary Inspector Gennady Onischenko sharply rebuked authorities of the Russian city of Yekateriburg for the poor sanitary condition of the city
Gennady Onischenko held a briefing at the office of the presidential envoy in the Ural federal district; he criticized poor cleaning of the streets and much garbage all around the city. He stressed that neglect of the city authorities in the sphere of the city's sanitary condition is shameful. "This is a favorable environment for spreading of not only SARS, but even for ordinary dysentery and other infections. The city cannot any longer remain in this condition!"

In the words of the chief sanitary inspector, it is the Yekaterinburg mayor who is to account for the awful sanitary condition of the city. Those officials who control the sanitary situation must be also called to account for the disorder in the city. 

Next to Gennady Onischenko, the chief sanitary doctor of the Sverdlovsk region, Boris Nikonov also delivered a speech. His criticism was even harsher than Onischenko's rebukes. "Unlike the chief sanitary inspector, I see the city every day, the situation is getting worse with years. Since beginning of the year, the sanitary inspection imposed over 400 fines for unsatisfactory sanitary condition of the city in Yekaterinburg. This is one half of the total number of fines imposed all over the region for the poor sanitary condition of the streets, although only 1/3 of the region's population lives in the city." 

Recently, the sanitary inspectors have sent another letter addressed to Yekaterinburg Mayor Chernetsky demanding to pay attention to the situation, but the latter didn't reply. Another problem that is very pressing for Yekaterinburg now is planting of greenery that is insufficient there, cleaning of the streets off rubbish. At present, the burden on people's health and the environment is very heavy in Yekaterinburg. 

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Author`s name Michael Simpson