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Vanity blinds

Changing the color of the eyes can blind Procedures to have a different color of the eyes can cause serious complications for eye health. One of them is the swelling and formation of corneal scars. The result is blurred vision, inflammation, glaucoma and even blindness.

Vanity blinds. So much so that many Brazilians travel to other countries to change the eye color. According to the Institute Pendo Burnier ophthalmologist Leoncio Queiroz Neto, procedures to make eyes a clearer color can cause serious complications for eye health. One of them is the swelling and formation of corneal scars as in the case of a patient served by the physician.

He says that the oldest technique is the implantation of a lens in front of the iris, the colored part of the eye. The latest is made by laser. In Brazil neither is available because they do not have approval from ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) nor are they recognized by the CFM (Federal Council of Medicine). This is because they are considered high risk for being experimental, ie, no prior research that proves the security of the application.

Lens implantation
The ophthalmologist says that the implant was developed in Panama (Central America). Is the insertion of a lens in front of the iris, the color chosen by the patient through a cut made in the cornea. Those who undergo surgery feel progressively blurring vision. This happens because the lens causes damage on the inside of the cornea, and can trigger the inflammation of the iris and secondary glaucoma resulting from trauma implant.

Laser Surgery
Queiroz Neto states that the laser procedure was developed in California (USA), by Gregg Homer. It consists of removing the iris melanin, the substance responsible for the dark color of the eyes,  so the depigmentation of the iris results in the person having blue eyes. The problem is that this melanin moves to the outflow channel of aqueous humor. So, it can induce angle closure glaucoma characterized by sudden pain in the eyes, nausea and headaches that signal an eye emergency. It can also cause pigmentary glaucoma whose main characteristic is increased intraocular pressure. The expert points out that the prostaglandin eye drops suitable for treating glaucoma darken the eyes. I mean, who goes through this procedure can earn a chronic disease that is the leading cause of permanent blindness in the world. Just not to have brown eyes.The doctor notes that eye exposure to the laser can also anticipate the formation of cataracts, clouding of the lens for which surgery is the only restorative treatment..

Warning Signs
For those who could not resist the temptation to change the eye color he points out that the first warning sign that indicates the need to consult an ophthalmologist urgently are red eyes that may be associated with corneal edema. "The sooner the CT scan is done on the two sides of the cornea and the lens removed, the lower the risk of severe vision loss," he says. Other warning signs include: headache, nausea and dilated pupil that may be related to angle glaucoma that is always a medical emergency. The safest way to change the color of the eyes is through contact lens adapted by an ophthalmologist. "Wearing maladaptive lenses can also cause serious problems," he says. Recommendations to prevent contamination of the eyes through the lenses are:

Wash the hands thoroughly before handling lenses.
Using solutions in hygiene and rinsing the lens and case
Rub the lenses to completely eliminate the deposits
Do not use saline or water in cleaning
Remove lenses before removing makeup and when using spray on hair
Place the lenses always before makeup
Save the kit in a dry and clean place
Replace the case every four months
Respect the validity of lenses
Never sleep with lenses, even those released for night-time use.
Remove the lenses during air travel for more than three hours
Do not enter the pool or sea using lenses.


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