The ADA Diet Kills

by George Green

Diabetics cannot process carbohydrates.  It's  fact.  But the recommended diet from the American Diabetes Association is loaded with them.  Why?  Because they don't want to fix you they, and the corporations to fund them, want you to contribute to the insulin industry.  If you follow the ADA diet you will slowly and painfully die.

What happens when you have diabetes (type 2) either your pancreas stops making insulin, or more likely your cells stop accepting it.  The end result in both cases is massive amounts of sugar in your blood stream destroying your body.  The solution in the 1920s was if you bombard the body with insulin enough will enter cells to keep you alive.  The cure for too much sugar in your blood is NOT too much insulin too; but a huge industry of insulin producers want to sell their product and they give millions to the American DIabetes Association, whose diet is used around the the world as a cure-all for diabetes.

What diabetics need is exercise, meat, eggs, and green vegetables. What does the ADA recommend? The Diabetes Food Pyramid which features mostly white flour.  White flour may as well be called 'the white death' for the diabetic.  It is the cruelest form of sugar, and hardest for anyperson, let alone a diabetic, to process.  Your potatoes, your white bread, you candy; throw it out!

What you need is carb-free foods like meat, eggs, not sugar water or soda.  Tea without sugar.  Tvorgag, Smetana/Sour Cheese or cheese.  Thee will provide you the vitamins you need and vitality you need to work a full day.  Do NOT adhere to the scam that is the American Diabetes Association; it is only an organization to provide the American Insulin industry with permanent clients.  It's whole purpose is to addict you to insulin so you become a permanent consumer.

How does this tie in with fasting?

There are many fasting foods which are compatible with diabetes.  Indian vegetarians have come up with a variety of recipes that are perfect for diabetes.  In general however stick to green vegetables (avoid peas!), green beans, beets, radishes, Green Onions, White or Gold Onions, Lettuce, Cabbage, small amount of Kabuchki, Pickled, or fresh cucumbers.  Seasonings like salt pepper, curry, dill are great for making fasting foods compatible with the diabetic diet.  If you NEED to eat bread eat dark Rye bread; NOTHING WITH WHITE FLOUR. NOTHING!

Care about your health naturally; it is the American made processed foods that are increasing diabetes at 20% a year in America, and these foods are being exported to Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus increasing diabetes there as well. Do not east this processed garbage designed to make you addicted to pills and injections.  I have suffered from diabetes for 5 years and I do not wish to see our Slavic people suffer from this disease!  Please care for your health and you will be cured and able to eat your varentiky, and pelmeny again

George Edward Green III has been a journalist since 1997, and written for several Technology, Financial, and Libertarian Publications.!

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov