AIDS: 21st century’s biggest fraud

Chamakhe Maurieni, of the Gafi Research Institute, Tunis, has some very striking revelations about HIV/AIDS, something he calls a "fraud" which feeds "a 300 billion dollar industry" which rests on flimsy evidence that HIV caused AIDS, which, he claims, is not a disease but rather a "state".

Timofei Belov (Pravda.Ru) interviewed Chamakhe Maurieni.

Pravda.Ru: Chamakhe, you work for the secretive Gafi Research Institute, Tunis and your latest investigation has been on AIDS. Congratulations on having been appointed the lead writer for the Institute. What do you have to reveal to us?

CM: It is simply a hoax, the Gafi research team termed it the 21st century's greatest fraud. The HIV/Aids industry is a 300 billion-dollar industry of manipulative fraud, lies, deceptions, more lies and many more lies. From a ploy by a few people running into hundreds, it has risen over two decades and has been invested-in by private individuals, co-operations and various governments across the world. It's simply been used over and over to balance government corrupt books.

What kind of weapons shoot blanks? Whoever proved HIV CAUSED Aids? The answer is a big gaping Nobody. Ask yourself a question majority of the world population, including the so-called HIV patients, have never asked themselves or put to world governments, organisations, NGOs who go about preaching HIV kills, safe sex and a host of other sickening slogans. Where are the scientific references establishing HIV as the cause of  AIDS? Presently, there are none.

Pravda.Ru: What do you mean? What about all the research carried out by the world's top professors?

CM: If you think a virus is the cause of Aids, do a control without it; this has surprisingly never been done. The current epidemiology of Aids is simply a pile of anecdotal stories, selected to fit the AIDS hypothesis. The Hiv/Aids story is a multi-billion/dollar/pound fraud, racket which is based on two fallacies: Aids is a single disease/aids is a disease and secondly that Aids is caused by the HI virus or the HIV VIRUS as some choose to call it - perhaps they think V in HIV stands for volcano.

Taking a look at the fallacies, fabrications; it need be stated: Aids is not a single disease but rather a state where the immune defence system in a human is, simply put, DEAD, WEAK, INEFFECTIVE...

Thus, the said human is vulnerable to every form of disease attack, it can be Malaria, measles, papilloma and so much more... The second fabrication claims Aids is caused by HI, which is false.Hiv is a retrovirus, a retrovirus is an RNA virus duplicated in a host cell using the reverse transcriptase enzyme to produce DNA from its RNA genome. Retroviruses are unlike flu viruses, they don't cause diseases

Hiv one thousandth the size of a regular cell. Hiv is simply a harmless piece of dead tissue, not unlike the numerous other retroviruses which exist in the human body.  Thus, it is not even probable, let alone scientifically proven, that HIV causes AIDS. If there is any such real evidence, there should be scientific documents which demonstrate the fact,.....right now, presently, at the moment, there are no such documents. All we have at the moment are hear-says, fictitious stories, lies and mere-propaganda by the mainstream media.

A major problem with the AIDS definition is that it ignored the man-made environmental causes of immune suppression. Exposure to toxin, alcoholism, heavy drug use or heavy antibiotic use; all of these can cause an onset of the list of diseases which provide the same symptoms/identical symptoms indicative of AIDS.

The Hiv/Aids propagandists all intentionally forget to inform the world that Hiv positive response in humans can be triggered by vaccination, malnutrition, measles, influenza, papilloma virus, war, leprosy, hepatitis, syphilis and over forty different other conditions.

Pravda.Ru: Let us follow the course of AIDS through from the beginning.

CM: Let's make a brief history of how all of these Hiv/Aids lie came to be. It all emerged from the USA and that should be common knowledge I presume. The truth is simple but has been kept for too long. Previously to the announcement by Robert Gallo, head of a retrovirus lab at the National cancer institute, at a 1984 press conference, that Hiv causes Aids, it all began with Federal centres for disease control and prevention, overstating their relevance and were thus under threat of being disbanded. The centre needed a serious epidemic to justify its continued existence, it decided to name Aids as a single contagiousdiseaseandthuscreatedanatmosphereofpublicfear,andpanic,whichbroughtitincreasedfundingandpower.Simplyput,publicfearofanewdreadedAIDSwasusedasacatalysttoachieve increased power and funding.

After the announcement by Robert Galo, head of a retrovirus lab at the national cancer institute in 1984, pharmaceutical companies by a decade later, began exploiting the situation by bringing back highly toxic, failed cancer drugs-AZT, it is also called Zidovudine or Retrovir combination Therapies. These drugs have been proven and were proven once more by various scientists, in the past, and also proven by the Gafi research institute, to destroy the immune system and cause the same symptoms attributed to HIV.

This has been known and stated by researchers such as Peter Duesburg, professor of Biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of California at Berkeley, and by Nobel prize winning scientist Walter Gilbert. These two researchers also questioned the reality of the 'Hiv causes Aids' story, but instead of being urged-on in their attempt to help mankind, they were ridiculed and their funding was stopped by the powers that be.

Pravda.Ru: So much for the individuals. Now for the pharma industry...

CM: We are beginning to get somewhere. Let's take a brief look at the industry which claimed to have found AIDS - This key research had been investigated for scientific fraud by powerful American scientific institutions and by the American congress between 1990-1994, when an enquiry was conducted into this research, which claimed to have discovered Aids.

The enquiry reported lots of major errors in the research, with some errors so serious that it became impossible to repeat the key HIV experiment and verify the findings. Conducting the research again would simply have exposed the entire Aids lie.  In proving the fraud present within the Hiv/Aids storyline, researchers at the Gafi institute examined 950 Aids positive patients and another 950 patients who were Aids negative.

Testing these two distinct groups of patients using Electron Microscopy test on the two groups revealed retroviruses -like particles in 95 percent enlarged lymph nodes from the Aids patients. Using elctron Microscopy test on the other group of 950 patients who were not infected with AIDS, the research team discovered the same identical particles in 95 percent of enlarged lymph nodes from this group of patients, who are Aids negative, and were not at risk of developing Aids.

Thus, if the particles seen in the AIDS patients, are as Aids experts assure - HIV, then what were the particles found in patients who were not Aids positive and were not even at risk of developing Aids? The research team sensed a higher push behind this entire HIV/Aids hoax. The research team discovered a 300 billion-dollar AIDS industry. I choose to call it the Aids racket or the money-spinning machine.

Pravda.Ru: And who is behind this?

CM: This racket includes Governments, pharmaceutical companies such as Glaxo/Borough Wellcome - MANUFACTURER of AZT, the condom industry - if you choose to differentiate it from the pharmaceuticals, celebrities, NGOs and the list goes on.

The condom industry is worth an estimated thirteen billion dollars presently, and this turns out to be big money. Our research showed 82 percent of condom users buy condoms solely as a result of the fear of contacting Aids. Meaning of every one thousand condom buyers, 820 of these buyers make the decision to buy a condom because of the fear of AIDS.

You can put this to yourself...without the whole Hiv/Aids hoax or better still, if the world realises the truth behind the whole Hiv hoax, the condom industry stands to lose 82 percent of its customers; in financial terms, it loses 82 percent of its thirteen billion dollar worth. With this to play for, the condom companies will continue to share around the Aids hoax.

The pharmaceutical companies for their part are responsible for breeding and increasing the number of immune deficient patients around the world, most especially in Africa. The AZT which is a major drug sold by pharmaceutical companies like Glaxo/Borough Wellcome was found to destroy the immune system, thus allowing the human body to develop identical systems indicative of Aids.

AZTwasfoundby ourresearchteam and evenbyAmericantoxicologist beresponsibleforthefollowingdiseases/conditions,amongothers: neutropenia,granulocytopenia,anemia,thrombocyte,nailpigmentation,sinusitis,acne,dyspnea,mouthulcer,bodyodour,hyperbilirubinemia, vasculities, lactic acidiosis, sensitisation reactions, myositis, heptamegaly with steatosis, syncope, edema of the tongue, cough, abdominal pain, back pain, pancreatitis... amongst a list of many others.

Other Aids drugs such as Nevirapine, protease inhibitors and Arts have adverse effects similar to that of the Azt drugs. These drugs ensure users are dependent on them for life, failure to use them results in an almost instant death. There are thousands of people who have been diagonized with Aids, and have courageously refused Aids medication. Our research team came across hundreds of such people, amongst them being GOLDIE GLITTERS, who has lived for 30 years after being declared HIV POSITIVE. In his own words, he said:

"I have known so many people who have died of aids.... and all of them took the drugs prescribed by doctors....I have never taken any of these drugs and I haven't gotten sicker. Not even a cold. The doctors told me I had just 5 years to live....I have lived 30 years since then. These drug companies producing the aids medications are getting very rich....everyone I know who were hiv positive and taken the aids medication, have all died after taking these drugs, and that is a whole lot of people".

Pharmaceutical companies are in the driving seat in terms of increasing the so-called AIDS patients, around the world. THE MORE THE NUMBER OF PERSONS DOWN WITH DESTROYED IMMUNE SYSTEMS,THE MORE THE PROFIT. That is the HIV/AIDS rule.

Pravda.Ru: You mentioned Governments?

CM: Governments have many times become the biggest benefactors of this racket. Top government officials in many countries across the world know and do have an idea about the AIDS fraud. They know AIDS is not a disease, but a state of the body, they know Hiv doesn't result in Aids, but they continue to budget billions, millions depending on the government in the name of research programmes, awareness......

The biggest beneficiary of this AIDS racket is the American government. Using platforms like PEPFAR, they exploit unsuspecting countries across the world. PEPFAR focuses mainly on fifteen countries presently, which include: Botswana, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Guyana, Haiti, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda, Vietnam and Zambia.

These are believed to be countries with some of the highest numbers of cases of AIDS infections, but in true sense these are the countries whose governments benefit wholesomely from the Aids fraud and have allowed for the AIDS fraud to be used as a pretext for exploitation. In a country like Nigeria, the American government provides ARTS,AZTS in exchange for unrefined crude oil, the Gafi research team has got evidence to back this claim.

Thus, while they make a fools profit in the name of AIDS assistance, they also ensure the potential false AIDS victims increase by destroying immune systems of millions of people via the AZT drugs. The USA does the same in most of the 15 which it claims it has plans to spend over 1 billion dollars on in the year 2012.

NGOs are a tool used by both the corrupt world governments involved in the Aids fraud and are also sponsored by pharmaceutical companies championing the fraud. In doing this, some NGOs in Sub-saharan Africa have resulted to shooting still images, video clips on the streets showing people, and homes and claiming they are special homes, environments created for AIDS patients.

Pravda.Ru: So what about the celebrities who champion the cause of HIV/AIDS?

CM: So-called celebrities advertising and energising the lies fed the world by the mainstream media propaganda in the name of raising awareness; they are also responsible for the progress of the fraud. We see all of them. So-called stars, disc jockeys, sportsmen and women with ribbons pinned on white tuxedos.... These are the compassionate so-called celebrities, who with a sad expression, don the mantle of cooperate grief for Aids victims and sufferers, and feel they are doing good.

Some of these people know the truth, but won't say because they have been paid to raise awareness for falsehood. I won't mention names. Others do this with the best of intentions.

They use their popularity to raise funds for AIDS research which is entirely misdirected and orchestrated by profit, desire for more money and not for more good-not for the love of human life. Oprah Winfrey should know better.

Hiv/Aids isnot aresult ofsexual activities. Theyare perpetrating themythof thefriend whowasunlucky togetAIDS by one unfortunate sexualencounter.Theycollidewith government,pharmaceuticals,NGOs inthe dangerous cult of death worship. They intentionally direct attention away from high risk factors including recreational and intravenous drug use which accompany immune deficiency. Aids is a cruel deception which is maintained because so many people are making money from it. Take away this money and the entire system of mythology collapses.

Pravda.Ru: And the connection between AIDS and Africa?

CM: It is disturbing to see the various lies going around and sponsored by the world media, which are responsible for such notions like the one which claims Aids or Hiv is an African Monkey virus that is spread sexually and can be treated with proven harmful drugs-AZT, ART... Today in Africa, especially Sub-saharan Africa, the Aids nightmare is continuing and growing more frightening as each day goes by, not because of any viral pandemic, sweeping across the plains of Africa, but because of an orchestrated pandemic of lies and  deceit, sweeping across the globe via a western controlled campaign. In actual fact, our research and even other earlier research by independent firms, analysts and scientists have stated clearly that it is a pre-existing illness of which the majority of patients can be treated easily and
cheaply, but who are not, that are now accounting for so much of the spiralling conventional so-called Aids death statistics.

The WHO, World Bank, UNAIDS, associated UN organisations, the pharmaceutical giants and related media colleagues..... Are manipulating the AIDS campaign to continue with their scare-mongering AIDS DEATH HEADLINES. According to the UN and WHO, 20.8 million Africans, which is two thirds of the global total of Aids victims, are either AIDS positive or living with HIV without knowing. I should ask, if the African so-called sufferers themselves don't know they are infected, how come the UN and WHO know this? Very simple, it is all fraud.

Africa is like a pretty lady, men come around to woo her hand in marriage. With each man comes different tactics, and ideas; the west are just amongst the many suitors. All of the AIDS false campaigns are just another method for westerners attempting to steal more of Africa's wealth. Africans must reject and condemn the western world stigmatising it as the epicentre of AIDS. Much of the statistics being peddled about AIDS are lies, what is more: there isn't even a reliable AIDS test at the moment, anywhere in the world.

Pravda.Ru: And the Gafi Institute has discovered herbal remedies?

CM: Joan Shenton, award-winning British producer and journalist referred to the claims of AIDS in Africa as a bad science; I agree absolutely with that.  During our five years of research, the Gafi Institute discovered a couple of drugs which have over the last ten years transformed so- called AIDS patients to test negative after a short period of use. One of such is Joby formular, now known as Jobelyn. Jobelyn was discovered by the Gafi research to be just a herbal therapy used for replenishing lost body nutrients.

I should state that this therapy transformed 1520 Aids patients who were administered with the therapy by doctors at the Gafi institute, in six months to test negative.  If a nutrient replacement therapy/supplement can transform a patient's status from positive to negative, I think there is no better proof to counter the lies saying AIDS is a killer disease rather than a state of immune deficiency which can be as a result of well over sixty different diseases or conditions.

**Chamakhe Maurieni is a Moroccan born Freelance writer, author, student and graduate of psychology. This dual nationality, half-blooded Moroccan national has dedicated his young life to researches and investigations of all scales and sizes. Some of his current investigations include match-fixing in football, and he has just begun a research into the Miss World beauty pageant which he has always termed a "glorified illusion sponsored by drug cartels and barons."

As a freelance writer, he has since the age of sixteen written articles on varying platforms across Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia under different names. He is a top contributor to various Independent news agencies such as the Mathaba News Agency. He speaks fluent English, French, Arabic and a little Japanese. He is a nominee for the Bridport poetry prize.

He is also author of the book Facebook is Deception. Online copy: [volume 1] [volume 2].

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov