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The Importance of the playroom in children's healing

The Importance of the playroom in children's healing. 46395.jpegby Jocimar and Welinton - Educational Psychologists and Speakers

How important is a hospital playroom in the recovery and healing of children and adolescents? There are several successful actions in hospitals of the world, as in the case of "Doctors of Joy" and many others, as well as real stories published in "Program Showcases," which was developed by Michael Kalinowski as a component of the Worldwide Forum on Education and Care and also available at the website:

As common planetary citizens, we don't know that the practices of the hospital playroom really help in the recovery of patients, provoked by the profound impact that the process of hospitalization has for children and adolescents.

We must learn that play is serious business, indeed, essential for physical, intellectual and emotional health of the human being.

In Brazil, a federal law makes installation of hospital playrooms in public and private hospitals mandatory. The law also regulates and guides the basic minimum conditions.

The hospital playroom is a space that creates stimuli for children to play freely, allowing them to expand their emotional, cognitive, social, psychological, physical and psychomotor development. Play activity, which is necessary to form a child's education, needs to be appreciated. Stimulating children's creativity provokes the feeling of building to be free, as if freedom was being reinvented, allowing ancient customs to be revived.

There are many success stories around the world and associations that can help hospitals to set up their hospital playroom, such as the USA Toy Library Association, which provides a paper called "Child's Play." There, information about play, toys, toy libraries and development of children is conveyed.

The association has contributions from writers chosen according to their knowledge and work experience. Besides reading materials, successful experiences are shared in the "child's playroom." Toy Libraries Victoria forms a network of toy libraries in Australia, among others.

Development belongs to all phases of our life and, in times of ailment inevitably caused by disease, these procedures are necessary and essential approaches to less traumatic treatment. The hospital playroom is an alternative and an agent for change in this context because it interacts in this process with more subtle approaches, with an integrated and multidisciplinary work that provokes involvement of patient, staff and family.

Play is rich and complex, a basic need, a right of all. When we set up a hospital playroom, we learn the true acts of humanization. Spread this idea so that thousands of children will benefit from the Hospital Toy Library.

Jocimar Barbosa da Silva dos Santos - Pedagogy, Psychology and Technology in HR Management, and Welinton Santos - Economist, Speaker and Psychopedagogy.


Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova