Healthy diet before the holidays

Healthy diet before the holidays. 46021.jpegYou can get in shape by Christmas and get into that dress. Check out the diet to lose up to 2 pounds in two weeks

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A healthy diet to try before the holidays can get you into shape for Christmas and help you to get into that dress. Check out the diet to lose up to 2 pounds in two weeks

Concerned about failing to get in shape just now, before the holidays? Relax, there's still time to shed a few pounds before the holiday season.

According to recent polls, two-thirds of women face the prospect of crazy diets before a holiday - and the result is often frustrating. But must it be this way? Not for British nutritionist, Fiona Kirk. She believes two weeks is sufficient to lose weight and get into that dress for Christmas or even in a bikini.

Fiona does not advocate crash diets or deprivation. The plan aims to change eating habits.

"If you really want to lose weight and see good results, we can change some habits in a few weeks," says the expert in her book, "In 2 weeks Diet on the Fast Lane," released in England.

The nutritionist Aline Queiros, Spa Med Campus Sorocaba, São Paulo, following the same line.

"You can change habits in a few weeks and feel the benefits good nutrition can bring to the body.

She said it is possible to lose weight in a short time. "The amount of pounds varies from person to person, but taken seriously two weeks is enough to notice any difference."

The ideal of a healthy diet is to lose an average of 1 kg per week. But depending on metabolism, sex, age and level of exercise, that number may be a little higher.

Aline wanted to prepare the menu below based on 1000 calories daily. Together, a list of replacements for you to eat well.

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1 slice of bread with 1 tablespoon light (dessert) cottage cheese
1 cup (100 ml) skim milk
1 thin slice of papaya
1 cup of coffee

Morning Snack

2 nuts or a light yogurt or fruit or a cereal bar


2 spoons (soup) of rice
2 spoons (soup) of beans
1 medium fillet of fish
Vegetables at home with a spoon (dessert) of olive oil extra virgin
2 spoons (soup) of vegetables
1 fruit or 1 cup of fruit juice

Afternoon Snack

1 / 2 banana with a spoon (dessert) oats


1 bowl of vegetable soup with chicken or a spoon (soup) of mashed potatoes, 1 medium fillet of fish, 2 spoons (soup) of vegetables
1 small glass of unsweetened fruit salad


1 cup (100 ml) plain yogurt or skim 1 cup of tea, preferably light-colored

List of substitutions

Check out the quantities to be replaced:


1 slice of light bread can be replaced by:
4 biscuits and salt, water
2 spoons (soup) of sugar-free corn flakes
2 spoons (soup) of light granola
1 / 2 French bread cored
A toast


1 teaspoon (dessert), cottage cheese can be substituted:
1 spoon (soup) of diet jelly
1 thin slice of turkey breast
1 medium slice of white cheese
1 teaspoon (dessert) light cream cheese
1 thick slice of ricotta


1 cup (100 ml) of skim milk may be replaced by:
1 (100g) plain yogurt skim
1 (100g) light fruit yogurt
1 cup (150 ml) light soy milk

Rice and pasta

2 spoons (soup) of rice can be replaced by:
2 spoons (soup) of white rice
A small baked potato
1 spoon (soup) of creamed corn
70g noodles
1 spoon (soup) of mashed potatoes


2 spoons (soup) of beans can be substituted:
1 / 2 small shell pea
1 / 2 small shell of chick-peas
1 / 2 small shell lentil
1 / 2 small shell soy


1 medium fillet of fish can be replaced by:
4 small meatballs
A small piece of beef
1 medium slice of roast beef
4 tablespoons (soup) of lean ground beef
A small piece of chicken (thigh and drumstick)
A small chicken fillet
2 boiled eggs


The consumption, will vary between:
Lettuce, watercress, cabbage, onions, escarole, endive, spinach, cucumber, cabbage, tomato

2 spoons (soup) of vegetables from the following options:
Pumpkin, squash, beets, broccoli, eggplant, cauliflower, carrots, okra, radishes, green beans


The options for fruit are:

1 / 2 banana-silver unit
A unit of banana-apple
1 small apple
A small pear
A small guava
2 thin slices of papaya
1 / 2 papaya
7 grapes
1 large slice of watermelon
A small mango
1 orange
2 kiwis
10 strawberries
2 plums
1 large slice of melon
1 spoon (soup) of avocado
1 and 1 / 2 cup (tea) of acerola
1 medium slice of pineapple
A large peach
1 cup (200ml) of coconut water



Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova


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