Want to have better sex? Drink less beer

Want to have better sex? Drink less beer. 45415.jpegBeer has been equated to hard liquor in Russia. Someone might be upset by it, but should not be. Beer, oddly enough, affects our sex drive not in the best way.
 Beer is traditionally perceived as "not entirely alcoholic", but rather something like kvass (Russian traditional non-alcoholic bread drink). Indeed, the volume fraction of ethyl alcohol in it ranges from 2.8 to 9.9%. It would seem that a standard (0.5 liter) bottles has only approximately 2 grams of alcohol and therefore does not present any danger. How can it affect the sex drive and the corresponding ability? 
The problem is that beer is rarely consumed in small amounts. For example, in 2007 the rate of per capita consumption of beer (that is, considering the entire population, including infants and total abstainers) was up to 81 liters per person. Now this number is down to 77 liters. This is still more than two glasses of pure alcohol. However, since there are still some babies and non-drinkers in the country, they gave their two glasses to someone else. 

The majority of beer drinkers are people in the age group of 25-45 years old. In opinion polls to the question "Do you drink beer?" negative answer was provided by only 25% of men and as many as 59% of women. Meanwhile, regular consumption of beer affects male sexuality in the first place.
Ingredients of beer are water, malt and hops. Barley, rice, corn, sugar, and brewer's yeast may also be used. However, hops contain biologically active substances, phytoestrogens, whose effect on the body is similar to female sex hormones. Studies conducted in different countries showed that in males they suppress the secretion of the hormone testosterone.
As a result, sexual desire dwindles. The body looks more like a woman's body. Muscle mass goes down, and fat layer appears, according to the female type - on the thighs, buttocks, lower abdomen and around the waist. Cellulite is often seen (men with normal testosterone levels cannot develop it at all, they have a different structure of fat cells) and gynecomastia (breasts increase and become flabby).

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Of course, a bottle of beer a couple times a week will not do any harm. But how many men would only have a couple? A traditional couple liters on a weekend and even a couple of mugs on weekdays in the evening easily lead to the fact that women are no longer interesting.
 Is beer then a female drink? After all, even during menopause phytoestrogens are recommended to help women feel better.

However, women also have problems caused by beer. It is quite rich in calories, and phytoestrogens "chase" calories into problem areas, including cheeks. As a result, women quickly start looking droopy, which is not very attractive. 

Sometimes couples use alcohol before sex to get liberated, to let out sexual fantasies. In some situations this approach is, perhaps, acceptable, but beer before having sex is not the most suitable drink. Ladies rarely limit beer consumption to one glass, as is the case with, for example, wine. A bottle of beer makes one want to go to a restroom which is not very convenient in intimate moments. 

Frequent beer consumption exacerbates other factors that complicate sex life after the age of 40.
Kidneys overload. The abundance of liquid makes them work harder. If the kidneys are not in order, there is swelling.
"Beer heart." Once again, large amount of beer means excess fluid that circulates in the blood before it gets to the kidneys. Consequently, the heart has to pump much more of this diluted blood than it should.
 Poisoning. We are not talking about counterfeit beer. Alcohol is absorbed into blood immediately and is sent to the liver. So, while the liver is busy processing the beer and other toxic substances, it has all chances to get into the brain, heart, and cause troubles. European doctors believe that a safe dose of beer for men is up to 0.4 liters per day, and for women - 0.2 liters.    

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov