Studies find pistachios are an ally in weight loss

Studies find pistachios are an ally in weight loss. 44972.jpegAccording to research, eating pistachios may be a good way to control appetite and ensure an ideal weight

Cosmopolitan magazine announces good news for those who love to spend the day nibbling. Eating pistachios can be a great and tasty way to keep fit. The publication cites studies published in the journal Appetite that show this food as a way to help people reduce calorie intake and consequently lose weight.

Scientists and nutritionists had already observed this facet of the pistachio that, besides little calories, they are rich in protein and fiber. A recent Harvard study went further and showed that pistachios can bring even more benefits when they are still served in the shell.

During the study, two groups of people were observed with containers of pistachios, available in unlimited amounts throughout the day. The first group was left a bowl of pistachios still in the shell, while the other was given the food already peeled.

The observation found that the group that ate the pistachios in the shell ate 22% less than the other group. The author of the study, James Painter, explained that the fact that people eat maintaining eye contact with the amount of discarded shell helps to measure how much they ate and thereby control the portions. The rule can also be applied to other types of food.


Translated from the Portuguese version by:

Lisa Karpova


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Author`s name Oksana Orlovskaya