Dangers of Smoking Tobacco

By Mark S. McGrew

Parkinson's disease, restenosis, which is, the occlusion of coronary arteries, gum disease, Alzheimer's, Ulcerative Colitis, allergic rhino-conjunctivitis, allergic asthma, atopic eczema and food allergy, tuberculosis, Emphysema, heart attacks and strokes, cardiovascular blockage, Kaposi's sarcoma (a type of skin cancer that primarily afflicts elderly men in Mediterranean regions of Southern Italy, Greece and Israel), breast cancer, Down's syndrome, Tourette's Syndrome, schizophrenia, cocaine addiction, colon and prostate cancer, Helicobacter pylori infection, papillary thyroid cancer, pre-eclampsia, neural tube defects in babies, hypertension during pregnancy.41571.jpeg

The dangers to your health of these medical conditions being contracted by or aggravated by smoking cigarettes is well known.....IF, you listen to politicians and watch television and movies.

However, it is not well known that all of these ailments can be cured or greatly suppressed by smoking tobacco.

Cigarettes greatly reduce the effects of, or cure the above related illnesses. Details of professional expert's research projects of the benefits of smoking can be found at www.forces.org. Click on "Scientific Evidence".

"FORCES" is an acronym for Fight Ordinances and Restrictions to Control and Eliminate Smoking, an organization working to debunk misinformation and exaggerations about active and passive smoking.

Most smoking bans around the World are the result of fraudulent research experts providing phony data to unsuspecting government officials and/or corrupt officials.

Parkinson's disease: Reported in the March 6, 2007 issue of Neurology, Evan L. Thacker from Harvard School of Public Health and colleagues analyzed data, including detailed lifetime smoking histories, from 79,977 women and 63,348 men participating in the Cancer Prevention Study II Nutrition Cohort.  The investigators reported, "A 30 percent to 60 percent decreased risk of Parkinson's disease was apparent for smoking as early as 15 to 24 years before symptom onset, but not for smoking 25 or more years before onset,"

Tuberculosis: Mr. Saleh Naser, an associate professor of microbiology and molecular biology at University of Central Florida, presented his study to members of the American Society for Microbiology, saying, "Nicotine might be a surprising alternative someday for treating stubborn forms of tuberculosis. The compound stopped the growth of tuberculosis in laboratory tests, even when used in small quantities. It's the best thing I've seen to date. It shows there is some hope that this substance we've hated for so long might be formulated in one way or another to fight infectious diseases."

Breast cancer: Jean-Sebastien Brunet, lead author of a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute said that the incidence of breast cancer was 54 percent lower among heavy smokers than among nonsmokers.

Alzheimers: Graves AB, van Duijn CM, for the EURODEM Risk Factors Research Group pooled reanalysis found, "A statistically significant inverse relation between smoking and Alzheimer's disease was observed at all levels of analysis, with a trend towards decreasing risk with increasing consumption".

Non surgical heart bypass: Dr. Christopher Heeschen of Stanford University in California was honored by the American College of Cardiology for his research on the effect of nicotine on angiogenesis which is "new blood vessel growth". Dr. Heeschen presented compelling data from research done at Stanford revealing that the simple plant protein, nicotine, applied in small harmless doses, produced new blood vessel growth around blocked arteries to oxygen-starved tissue. 

The research, involving animal studies, showed that the nicotine agent created more new blood vessels in blocked arteries than any other known growth factor. The new agent could be used to treat failing hearts and limbs with poor circulation. It holds the potential for non-surgical heart by-pass procedures. Let me reiterate, "Any other known growth factor".

Dr. Heeschen commented, ''It is important to note that this is a natural protein and is not gene therapy. Our research demonstrated conclusively that medicinal nicotine given at low doses is a very potent angiogenic.'' 

Dr. John P. Cooke, director of the Vascular Medicine Research Laboratory at Stanford, stated, ''We went into our research suspecting strongly that nicotine might play a negative role, that it would prevent growth of new blood vessels. In doing our experiments, we were surprised to find that nicotine, which is usually considered harmful, did the opposite. It actually had a potent therapeutic effect on the enhancement and growth of new blood vessels in cases of ischemic (oxygen-starved) vessels. The paradoxical results caused a paradigm shift in our thinking.''

In contrast, the actual known dangers of smoking could be: A person drops a cigarette while driving and has an accident while trying to retrieve it. Lit cigarettes do cause fires in homes. Although I do very much doubt that dropped cigarettes cause massive forest fires. Any hitch hiker can tell you that on any given section of road way there are millions of discarded cigarette butts.

Cigarettes can be dangerous to a baby while a person is smoking and bouncing the little tyke on their knee. But, a non-smoker could be bouncing the little brat on his knee and get arrested for child abuse in America.

Cigarettes can be dangerous if you try to smoke them backwards. Cigarettes can be extremely dangerous if you get tossed in jail and won't share.

The Surgeon General doesn't even know that French kissing while smoking has been shown to cause complications in relationships.

A rarely known danger, is if someone uses certain chemicals to clean the toilet, letting the chemicals sit in the toilet bowl before you sit down, have a smoke, do your business and toss the butt in the toilet, you may blow up your own butt along with blowing the toilet out from under you and end up in emergency surgery. This did happen in Houston, Texas in 1989. (It wasn't me.)

That story came over the radio during rush hour traffic into Houston one morning. Traffic was flowing quite nicely, straight, in the proper lane, with an orderly progression.

All of a sudden, the traffic lines turned into chaos. Cars were weaving and braking. The American Cancer Society has yet to conduct a study to find if the drivers were rapidly crushing out their cigarettes or laughing their own butts off.

People with various forms of cancer, who do smoke, live an average of 3 years longer than people with cancer, who do not smoke.

In the wilds, I have used tobacco to keep Mosquitoes away. We moisten the tobacco and smear it on our skin.

Of course, non-smokers will say, "No kidding! That's because Nicotine is the most deadly substance known to man!"

Really? Who says? Politicians and movie stars? Or just a bunch of mad scientists?

If just a little tiny bit of logic is used, any fairly intelligent person should be able to conclude that politicians and movie stars are nothing more than people that a trusting public pays hundreds of millions of dollars to lie to us.

In movies and television there is a constant barrage of nasty comments to characters who smoke, or are foolish enough to attempt to smoke. We can always spot the "bad guy" because he is the one with a cigarette. And in real life, most of these sanctimonious actors do smoke themselves.

In many of the New York Times Best Sellers books, written by authors who smoke, the story is constantly making insulting comments about smokers and the novels have an amazing number of opinionated pin heads, demanding that the smoker respect their "health" by not smoking.

The reality is that there are many literary agents who will not even read a manuscript if they detect even a whiff of tobacco smell on the pages. Many of the greatest authors in American history would find it impossible to have their books published today, unless they print their manuscripts in a separate smoke free room before sending it off to the agents.

Little children tell grown ups what to do and they do it with a smirk, with full support and encouragement of their non-smoking parents. It is a challenge to figure out whether to slap the kid or the parent.

Compare the non-smoker's harassment to the deafening silence on the thousands of toxic chemicals put in food, beverages and even "Natural Spring" water, along with the millions of tons of air pollutants that they eat and breathe every day.

Aspartame, an artificial sweetener and brain cell killing Department of Defense chemical warfare product is in 5,000 products that millions of people happily put down their throats.

MSG, Mono-Sodium Glutamate, coming under the guise of some 25 different names so we don't know we are consuming MSG, is a prime candidate for the rampant diabetes cases striking young and old alike.

People ingest every year, dozens of pounds of Corn Syrup and High Fructose Corn Syrup, a likely suspect for diabetes. Milk and other foods made from cow milk, or the chemicals in it, heighten asthma attacks and cause a number of ailments including large amounts of intestinal gas being blown out into the atmosphere, which we all know now, is the main culprit in the Global Warming scam. Asthmatics who stop ingesting milk products discover that they have no more attacks or much less severe attacks and middle of the night emergency trips to the hospital cease and they eventually end up throwing their inhalers in the trash.

Pigs are so loaded with antibiotics that it is no wonder antibiotics don't work on people anymore. Pork, ham, bacon and sausage eaters are maxed out with antibiotic overload. Doctors blame the resistance to antibiotics on "Super Bugs" while they are munching down a Ham and Swiss on Rye. Soon they will discover Batman Bugs and Spiderman Bugs.

Political Correct screams at us, "Tobacco is the number one reason for people being in hospitals!" Any doctor with a conscience will tell us that the number one reason for people in hospitals and the number one reason for death is the absolute crud that people swallow because, "Oh, it tastes so good". And in reality, the number one cause of death in America is Medical treatment.

Bill Gates, of Microsoft fame is telling people that we need to reduce the population of the Earth. And that we can eliminate 15% of the population with simple methods, stating to his audience, "If we do a really great job on new vaccines, healthcare and reproductive health services, we can lower that [Earth population] by 10 or 15%".

What is 15% of 6.8 billion people? Go to YouTube.com and type in "Bill Gates wants a Billion Dead!". Go to the minute 2:30 mark and listen to him explain how his "philanthropic" tax subsidized charitable donations will intentionally murder over 1 billion human beings in the coming few years.

The United Nations organization, UNESCO, drilled thousands of water wells for remote villages in India thirty years ago. They made one booboo though.

The wells were drilled into a formation of water loaded with arsenic. Massive amounts of people, after drinking arsenic for thirty years are coming down with many different cancers. India expects that in the next 10-20 years over 300 million of their citizens will die of these arsenic induced cancers.

When you are grocery shopping, look at sickly people and look at the products in their carts. Look at healthy people and look at their carts. You may notice a pattern.

But smoking is bad, say the experts. Well it is bad....for business.

Anyone can drive through any town in America, large or small and know within 15 minutes if that town has a "No Smoking" ordinance for restaurants. Just look for the locally owned restaurants. If a lot of them are closed, the town has a no smoking ordinance. If business is booming in local restaurants, there is no ordinance against smoking. The same applies with bars and clubs.

In fact, economic study after economic study repeatedly arrives at the same findings, that around the World, from the USA to England, Ireland, Netherlands, to New Zealand, smoking bans have caused an overall 10% decline in revenues for the hospitality industry alone.

Just in the one State of Iowa, out of 50 States in the USA, just in the Casino industry alone, smoking bans cost the State 85 million dollars a year in lost tax revenue.

Smoking bans are a multi-billion dollar drain on businesses and governments.

Statistics on the economic damages of non-smoking ordinances can also be found at www.forces.org .

Regardless of the health benefits for occasional smoking, the single biggest reason that I started smoking is because it keeps ignorant pigheaded opinionated brain dead politically correct smart alecks away from me.

Rude co-workers don't hang out with us on breaks. Obnoxious insulting family members won't come visit us.

Smoking makes it easy to identify idiots. Just mingle with any group, inside or outside and pull out some cigarettes and ask, "Who's got a light?"

If you want to get rid of some idiots in a discussion, just pull out a pack of cigarettes, offer them to the people and light one up. Act as if it is totally normal behavior. It was normal behavior for centuries until the politically correct fraudsters got their laws passed.

Don't like your wise guy banker, your opponent's lawyer? Just pull out a pack and ask, "Where's the ash tray?" And unless you face immediate arrest, go ahead and smoke them out.

Besides the documented studies by expert medical researchers that smoking is not as bad as thousands of highly paid professional liars say it is, smoking can be lots of fun and provide hours of enjoyment if you do it right, with the wrong people around you.

For years, they have bullied people who smoke, insulted, offended and harassed people who smoke, while acting with a superior know it all attitude, when in fact they are simply ignorant bullies who were given permission to harass their own friends, co-workers and family.

I tell non-smoker loudmouths, "When you stop polluting the air I breathe by not driving your car, not turning on your furnace and not breaking wind, I will stop smoking".

Mark S. McGrew 

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Author`s name Mark S. McGrew