Mum’s Love Brings Baby Back from the Dead

The body of premature baby Jamie Ogg, weighing just two pounds, was handed to his mother to hold with the words “He didn’t make it, sorry”. Yet Kate Ogg took Jamie from the blanket and held him next to her skin, talked to him, gave him some milk from her breast…and he held her finger.

It’s called “Kangaroo Care”, a mother cuddling a newborn baby in close skin-to-skin contact, bonding mother and baby as the child gets used to the scent and taste of the parent. In this case, however, in a hospital in Sydney, Australia, the baby was delivered to the mother with the words “We’ve lost Jamie, he didn’t make it, sorry”.

Kate Ogg told Channel 7’s Today Tonight Program that her twin babies, a girl and a boy, were delivered prematurely at just 27 weeks, weighing two pounds each. After the delivery, the doctors took the babies away and declared that the girl, Emily, was fine but informed the parents that after fighting to save his life for twenty minutes, he had stopped breathing. Asking Kate and her husband David if they had a name for the boy, she said “Yes, Jamie” and gave her the baby to hold.

“I unwrapped Jamie from his blanket, he was very limp. I took my gown off and arranged him on my chest with his head over my arm and just held him,” Kate Ogg told Channel 7. “We just started talking to him, we told him what his name was and that he had a sister, we told him the things we wanted to do with him throughout his life”.

The occasional gasps for air were written off by the doctors as “a reflex action”, but the gasps became more and more frequent. It was then, two hours later, that Mrs. Ogg decided to place a little of her breast milk on her finger and introduce it into Jamie’s mouth. “He took it and started regular breathing, normally. A short time later, he opened his eyes. He held out his hand and grabbed my finger. He opened his eyes and moved his head from side to side”.

David Ogg told the same program “Luckily, I have got a very strong, very smart wife. She instinctively did what she did. If she hadn’t done that, Jamie probably wouldn’t be here”.

This story brings to light the question of how many babies have been cast aside after doctors gave up on them, when if they had been handed to their mothers immediately after birth, the skin-to-skin contact could have stimulated vital functions.

It is also a poem to those without hope. The world is indeed a beautiful place. Little Jamie is now a very happy and healthy five-month-old boy at home with his parents and his sister. God Bless him and his family.

Credit: Photo Channel 7



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey