Muslim fundamentalists in Central Asia are to establish the new joint organization

Radical Islamites made an important step for joining their efforts  in the struggle for establishing the state, which would be based on Shariat. The state is going to be established on the Fergana Valley.  This was said by the chairman of the National Security of Kyrgyzstan,  Kalyk Imankulov.

Mr. Imankulov advised that Muslim fundamentalists of the Fergana Valley decided to  create a joint organization – the Islamic Movement of the Central Asia. This movement incorporates separatists from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Chechnya and even from China. The headquarters of the new association is  reportedly in the Badahshan mountainous area of Afghanistan.

If this information is true, then the situation in one of the  most troublesome  regions of our times is likely to undergo profound changes very soon. Islamites’ groups  are a very good addition to  the military force of the units that stand against secular regimes of the countries of the Fergana Valley.

It may seem strange, but Islamites are more efficient in the use of the aspiration of cognitive Turk nations to unite. Secular authorities are not that successful in this respect. It was generally believed after the infamous massacre between the Uzbek and Kyrgyz people in 1990 that the two national communities of the region had been separated forever. Yet, the situation is changing very fast nowadays. The followers of the new caliphate state in the Fergana Valley enjoy a very good support both amid Kyrgyz and Uzbek people.

Islamite organizations are currently  operating all over  Kyrgyzstan, not only in the south, as it was believed before.  The official authorities of Kyrgyzstan fear, lest the new religious organization should gain control over the protesting population of the southern areas. Both the common people and Islamites are actually demanding the same: justice, law and order, care for the weak and the poor.

On the other hand, mass protests amid the population might go together with fanatics’ radical irreconcilability. The latter are ready for anything for the achievement of their “holy” objective. The recent attempt on Kyrgyzstan Security Council chairman’s life can be considered to be the first token of it.

Yury Razgulayev

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Author`s name Olga Savka