Creepy stories about women’s tampons are true to a certain extent

Women of the whole world can be divided into two groups (blondes and brunettes do not count here): fans of tampons and fans of maxi pads. The first group says that they are progressive women, whereas the women of the second group claim that they prefer everything natural and traditional.

Everything is clear about maxi pads. The only question that can be discussed about them is the question of comfort. As for tampons, there is a variety of concerns and rumors going about them.

Creepy stories and rumors about tampons presumably come from women’s online discussion boards. Some say that inserting a tampon can be dangerous health-wise, especially for virgins. Others claim that the use of tampons by teen girls leads to masturbation and decadence. Some women believe that men do not respect those who use tampons.

The adversaries of tampons say that their use leads to a variety of diseases of women’s reproductive organs, such as cervical erosion and many others. They say that tampons are treated with adsorptive chemicals which deteriorate the mucous membrane of the vagina. The most common opinion is that a tampon plugs the vagina and impedes the natural efflux of fluids from the body.

Tampons appeared in the beginning of the 1930s. The roll of cotton and gauze fabric was dubbed Tampax (derived from ‘tampon’ and ‘pack’). Johnson & Johnson showed no interest in the novelty. The industrial production of tampons was launched in 1936. Procter & Gamble is currently the owner of the Tampax trademark, whereas Johnson & Johnson began to promote O.B. tampons from 1950.

Many researchers all over the world conducted countless works to study the potential danger of the use of tampons. It was proved that tampons do not produce the effect of a plug if inserted correctly and carefully. Tampons do not change the vaginal microflora. Tampons do not damage the virginal membrane even when they absorb menstrual fluids. Tampons do not develop unwanted sexual habits because they do not provoke any erotic sensations. Finally, tampons do not trigger the development of any women’s diseases and show no negative influence on menstruation.

The use of tampons can be risky for the women who have a peculiar structure of the virginal membrane. Some women say that tampons produce the sensation of dryness in the vagina. It is recommended not to use them in such cases to avoid vaginal microtraumas. Tampons are not recommended for women who take vaginal medications (suppositories, etc), for the effect of the treatment can be diminished because of the absorbing qualities of tampons.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov