Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Sex traumas are not funny at all no matter how funny they seem to be

Whoever thinks that sex traumas are the destiny of those who like it hot think it wrong. Intimate traumas occur most frequently among common heterosexual individuals, who never think of trying something extra-special.

Bruises and scratch marks are the most harmless injuries that sex partners may suffer in the euphoria of their passion. They usually appear as a result of aggressive or tenderly long sex, or after an intensive contact of tender skin with hard stubble or long nails. Such minor injuries pose absolutely no threat to anyone, although a small wound may develop into something highly unpleasant in the event a wound remains open to various infections.

A bite wound is something more serious. It appears on earlaps and nipples in most cases. Deep bite wounds of either the penis or the clitoris may at least result in an intensive bleeding.

Anal sex can be big with consequences, of course, especially if the two partners lack skills in this backward way of true love. For the passive side, it may lead to anal fissures, hemorrhoidal tumors or the ruptures of the mucous membrane and the constrictor muscle. The consequences for the active side are not so scary: the rupture of the frenulum or scratch marks and bruises. Surfing the chocolate superhighway can be extremely dangerous if the passive partner is a hemorrhoid-prone individual.

Every girl suffers a sex trauma when she becomes a woman. As a rule, defloration does not require any medical assistance, although a woman should take a short break in her sex life to let the injured tissue heal. The rupture of the vaginal vault is luckily a rare injury, although it may occur if a woman has sex with a “big boy” or if she loses control over herself while playing with lovely sex toys.

A man may dislocate or break his manhood. If the penis clicks and erection disappears there is every reason to believe that it broke. The fracture of the penis occurs when the blood-filled cavernous body of the penis separates from its fibrous tunic. A dislocation of the penis may occur if, for example, the erected penis runs against something hard and the ligaments connecting the penis with the pelvis get ruptured.

Any serious intimate injury means that one should stop being naughty and rush to see a doctor immediately. Those who prefer to keep their delicate injuries a secret should bear in mind the fact that the list of complications, which may arise from genital traumas, takes tens of pages.

Various objects forgotten or lost inside intimate body parts may also lead to dangerous consequences. Something forgotten in either the vagina or the rectum will obviously remind of their existence with severe complications. Doctors may share a lot of hilarious (as they seem to think) stories about patients hospitalized with their penises stuck in vacuum cleaners or with hamsters roaming in anuses, billiard balls and light bulbs in vaginas. A farmer was taken to hospital once after he inserted his scrotum in the plug hole of a new barrel. He arrived at the hospital hugging the barrel.