Author`s name Michael Simpson

Medical Forecasts Disproved: Mirror Organs May Serve Long - Comments

A woman with her heart on the right has normal energetic lifeOnce a woman called the Vechernyaya Kazan newspaper and told about her odd physical condition. She read lots of stories about twins born with mirror placement of organs; she heard it was a rare phenomenon, but at the same time had her heart situated on the right. Nelya Geliakberovna recently celebrated her 62nd birthday. When she was 7 and was going to start school studies, Nelya learnt that her heart had unusual placement, it was on the right side. Doctors in Kazan immediately took alarm as it was just for the third time that mirror placement of the heart was registered in the city. Doctors decided to send the girl to Moscow for a special examination. When the parents refused to take the daughter to Moscow, the doctors said that she wouldn't live longer than 12 years; then they showed mercy and said the life would last for 17 years

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