Lenin and former FRG president related?!

German writers-antifascists brothers Thomas and Henry Mann and former FRG president Richard Karl von Weiszekker apparently are distant relatives  of the world's proletariat leader Vladimir Ulyanov-Lenin on mother's side.

Lenin's relative on mother's side Gunther Kruse, who has been examining his genealogy and that of the Ulyanov family for more than 30 years, has finally found such evidence in archives, reports RIA “Novosti”.

According to the museum staff Olga Shaleva, currently Kruse is working on finding relating ties between Lenin and generals of the Nazi army. Several researchers have made such assumptions in the past. Currently, such connection is not 100% proved, said Shaleva. She agreed with the claims of the German researcher.

Gunther Kruse donated his latest works to the museum. They are currently being translated into Russian.

Shaleva added that the German-Sweden tie of the Ulyanov has become carefully studied in Russia since the early 90s, in times of the perestroika. The fact was partially revealed to the masses in Soviet times; all research work done by foreign specialists have been accumulating in government archives of the Institute of Marxism and Leninism in USSR.

Today little is known about Lenin's relatives on mother's side. It is known that they used to live in Russia and in the Baltic countries; they chose professions of lawyers, doctors, historians and loyally served their country.

Karl Ivanovich Grosholf (Lenin's great uncle), for instance, was assistant director of the department of foreign commerce of Russia, and his brother Gustav Ivanovich used to be head of customs in Riga. Nowadays, Lenin's relatives live in America, Sweden and Germany.

Home-museum of V.I. Lenin considers that the latest findings of the German researcher significantly broadened the spectrum of information pertaining to Vladimir Lenin’s family tree.

There exists an interesting theory according to which all people in the world are related.

Members of school's genealogical society in the Russian town of Krasnoyarsk arrived at a stunning conclusion after examining numerous family trees. They concluded that people are in fact each others cousins in 14th generation.

“In the course of our work, we immersed ourselves in studying family trees of 20-30 generations of kids in our school,” stated head of the school's genealogical society Margarita Karnaukhova on Monday. According to her, generations of more than 12 000 kids have been examined, reports “Interfax”.

“It turned out that practically every schoolchild descended from some famous historical person,” said Margarita Karnaukhova.

It is a known fact that the US president Bush is a great fan of former prime minister of Great Britain Sir Winston Churchill. Even though many called attempts to draw a parallel between the two political figures rather strange, now it has already been determined that both of them descend from the same English clan.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov