Russian astrologer predicts the US' collapse

In response to recently published CIA's forecast regarding the fall of the Russian Federation into several separate states, one Russian astrologer forecasted collapse of the United States, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

Head of the Russian school of astrology Alexander Zaraev considers that in about five years many American States could claim their independence.

“The US will suffer major cataclysms of economic character in the nearest future. They in turn will lead to state expansion. Many of those states will want to be independent of Washington,” claimed the astrologer.

According to him, this will take place in 2008-2012. 2009 will be the peak of such cataclysms. It is around this time, notes the astronomer, that America will be going through major changes in its legislation, including the Constitution.

In the end of April 2004, several media sources reported that CIA's report (2000) predicted the fall of Russia into several separate states by 20156. Based on Zaraev's calculations, nothing of such sort is going to happen in Russia in the nearest future.

“On the contrary,- remarks the astrologer, the current era of Aquarius will be a good time for positive changes in Russia; while the US will be giving up its leading positions on world's arena.”

Alexander Zaraev considers that “this is already an ongoing process; by 2008-2009 America's stardom will be in decline."

The astrologer finds the roots of the upcoming unfortunate for America events in September 2001, when Saturn happened to oppose Pluto.

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov