Caucasians' kids to take vengeance on skinheads

Acting Minister of National Politics Vladimir Zorin informed yesterday of 457 leaders and active members of extremist nationalistic gangs that have recently been registered at the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

17 people have been found guilty in conspiring international dissensions this past year.

According to the acting Minister, there are no reasons to worry right now, since conditions for a massive ethno-political conflict in Russia have been liquidated. Vladimir Zorin is certain of the fact that despite the on-going Chechen-Russian conflict, people of both nations do not totally hate each other. “We are learning to distinguish terrorists from civilians,” remarked he. “The country has survived, even though there is a strong possibility of its collapse.”

It is a commonly known fact that many city residents do not welcome newcomers, especially those from Caucasus. Similarly, residents of Northern Caucasus actively oust Russians.

Based on the information of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 60 criminal lawsuits have been filed against nationalists this past year alone. 20 of those cases made it all the way to court. 17 individuals were found guilty. Currently, 10 cases are still in process. 457 leaders and active members of youth organization of skinheads have already been registered at police. Ministry of Press has shut down 12 nationalistic newspapers. However, it did not take long for those newspapers to reappear soon afterward under different names.

Director of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology Valery Tishkov says that poverty does not necessarily cause people to enter extremist organizations. “Many skinheads come from rather wealthy, well-established families.” At the same time, he notes that those oppressors of the Caucasians will eventually pay for their cruelty in a not so distant future. “Children of the oppressed see everything. One day, when they grow a bit older they will seek revenge. Eventually, they will be the ones to avenge their parents.”

Source: “New Izvestia”   

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Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov