Life After Death

Probably the authorities in medicine made a wrong conclusion saying that the person would immediately die if his/her brain had "the traumas incompatible with life" as doctors call them.

A professional executor said in an interview for "Ochnaya Stavka" newspaper: "You mustn't execute by shooting at the back of the head. It does not guarantee instant death, but can cause terrible tortures to the sentenced person. A shoot should be made at the organs important for life". The executor did not make more precise which organs exactly, but obviously did not relate brain to them.

There are examples when people did not die after getting horrible brain traumas incompatible with life. Such a unique case was described in the medical bulletin of New York.

A tugboat was pulling a barge having two layers of big boxes on it. When the tugboat was approaching the bridge, the sailor decided to check if the upper layer fastening was tight enough. He climbed up the boxes and raised his head above them. The sailor turned his back to the bridge and could not see that he was in danger as the barge was approaching the bridge. The sharp lower edge of the bridge beam cut the part of the man skull 5-6 centimeters over the right eye.

Then a wonder happened. Despite the bad wound, the sailor was still alive after being brought to the hospital. The doctors started treating him. They had no hope of bringing the unusual patient back to life, but suddenly the man opened his mouth  and asked what had happened to him. After the doctors finished bandaging the head which had three fourths of its former size, the man stepped down from the surgery desk and wanted to put on his robe saying he wanted to go home. He was not allowed to leave the hospital. However… two months later the sailor returned to his work on the boat. The trauma did not seem to influence his abilities: he was quite healthy, only sometimes dizziness bothered him. Only 26 years after the accident he got his left arm and leg partly paralyzed.

One could doubt if this story was real considering that it happened long time ago. But medicine has similar amazing stories relating to more recent time. For example, in1935 a baby with no brain was born in St Vincent hospital in New York. The baby lived, ate and cried like others for 27 days. Its behavior was normal, and the absence of brain was discovered only after it died and was dissected.

In 1957 doctors Yan Bryuel and George Olbi made a sensational report for the American Association of Psychologists. They had a successful operation on the 39-year-old patient whose right cerebral hemisphere was removed. Surprisingly, he soon recovered and did not lose his mental abilities which were beyond the average level.

In 1940 a 14-year-old boy was taken to Dr Ortiz's hospital. The boy suffered from bad headaches. Before his death two weeks later he did not lose conscientiousness or mental abilities. The doctors were surprised to see when dissecting his dead body that malignant tumor replaced  almost all his brain tissue. In fact, for a long time the boy had had no brain.

In New England (the USA) 25-year-old worker Phineas Gage had an accident during excavation works. When a dynamite charge exploded, a massive metal stcik of 109 centimeters in length and 3 centimeters in diameter skewered the man's cheek, knocked out his molar tooth, passed through his brain and skull and fell down several meters away from the man. Amazingly, Gage neither was killed nor became disabled. He lost the eye and tooth, but had the same mental abilities, memory, the ability to speak and control his body.

In all the cases cited above, cerebral tissue was damaged as a result of traumas or illnesses, therefore the "man's commander" was supposed not to be able to execute its functions of a thinking apparatus and a human body life functions regulator. Different people in different times could live with no brain. Meanwhile, in some cases a person could stay alive with no head, which seems to be absolutely impossible from the medicine viewpoint.

Alive after death.

At the beginning of 50s half of the students in the Military Institute of Foreign languages were veterans. For the summer we used to go for training to military camps, where we had the tradition of telling stories in the smoking room at night. The story told by sergeant-major Boris Luchkin was unusual.

During the search in the territory occupied by German fascists, the lieutenant, their reconnaissance group commander, treaded on the "frog" – jumping mine. A special charge made such mines jump and explode at the height of 1-1,5 meters. After the explosion, the mine fragment cut the head of the lieutenant who was walking in front of Luchkin and in this way shielded him from being killed. However, as the sergeant-major said, the beheaded commander did not fell, but continued standing. He had only a chin and a lower jaw. The head above them was took away by the explosion. The terrifying body unbuttoned its quilted jacket and took out the map for the group assignment route, pouring the blood onto it. The killed lieutenant stretched the map out to Luchkin and only after this fell on the ground.

The search was terminated. The reconnaissance group had to return to its base. The body of the commander caring about his soldiers even after his death, was brought by them to the regiment base and buried next to the regiment staff command. At that time nobody believed Luchkin' shocking story. When the explosion took place, all the other scouts of the group were walking behind, away from the scene and therefore later could not confirm the sergeant-major words.

After hearing this story in the smoking room, we did not believe it either. But today I know about many similar cases, and my attitude to them has changed.

Medieval chronicles say that in 1636 king Lyudvig Bavarski  sentenced to death a certain Dits von Schaunburg and his for officers because they arranged a rebellion against the king. When the convicted men were brought to the execution spot, Lyudvig Bavarski followed the knight tradition and asked von Schaunburg if he had the last wish. The convicted man asked the king to put him and his officers in a row at the distance of 8 steps from each other and cut his head first. He said that after being beheaded he would run past his officers and asked the monarch to grant the life those of them he would pass.

Village residents are well aware that when a cock has his head cut he should be held by hands for a while. Otherwise the cock can start running  around the yard, pouring all over with his blood. Von Shaunburg probably knew about this phenomenon and decided to use it for saving the lives of his loyal officers. The king, however, was not familiar with village life and this phenomenon, he laughed and agreed to grant the rebel’s wish. Noble Dits put his companions in a row, knelt and put his head onto the executioner's block. As soon the executor cut his head with the axe, the body jumped on its feet and ran past the terrified officers. Only after passing the last of them, the body fell onto the ground. The shocked king decided the devil made this, but still followed his promises and granted life to the officers.

British Defense Ministry Archives have the report of Corporal Robert Crickshow, saying about one more case of "Life after death". It has the information about the fantastic circumstances of Yorkshire regular regiment unit commander Captain Terence Malveni death during conquering India by the British at the beginning of 19th century. It happened when hand-to-hand fight was taking place during British assault to Fort Amary. The captain cut the enemy soldier’s head with his sabre, but the dead body did not fell onto the ground. It lifted the rifle, shot point-blankly at the British officer's heart and only after this fell.

Reporter Igor Kaufman gives even more amazing example. A man was gathering mushrooms in the forest in Petergof area and found an explosive device. He decided to look at it and put it closer to his face. The explosion happened and cut the man’s head. However, he was able to walk two hundred meters with no head, including three meters along the narrow path over the brook, and then died. The reporter emphasizes that the story is real: all the materials about it are stored in the criminal police archives.

Sudden lose of brain do not cause instant death of a person. What operates his body making it commit intelligent actions?

Divine Essence of the Soul

Before answering the above question, let us remember the main issue of philosophy, which has existed for centuries – the argument between materialists and idealists. Idealists say spirit, consciousness, intelligence and psychic come first, and matter, nature and physical body come after them. Materialists insist matter which was created by nobody comes first.

Until recently scientists said there is no God-Creator. However, opinion change, and contemporary science completely changed its viewpoint about the God-Creator or Holy Spirit.

President of Russian Academy of Science Yuri Osipov made a surprising statement:

"The ideas of space, time and cause changed, the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics were discovered, and the world no longer seems to be a machine, where all can be predicted and there is no room for God. Today the science of Space poses the Universe origin issue which has been solved by Theology long time ago. Was there anything before the moment when time was equal to zero? If not, how could the Universe appear? And the scientists come to the conclusion that Creator exists… Composing any logical scientific system inevitably brings one to the thought of existence of absolute life or God".

For a long time scientists refused to discuss the issue of soul calling it "the invention of priests". Meanwhile, the people’s folklore have always admitted the existence of the soul. It attributed to the soul the most important part in human's life. This can be seen through existence of many sayings and expressions connected with the concept of the soul, in the language.

Parapsychologists call this "divine spark" as energetic essence. It is not a matter of definitions. The most important thing is that people cannot to predict God's thoughts and deeds in a scientific way. One can try to guess in vain why the soul is given to him, but the facts cited in this story prove: in extreme situations this "energetic essence" starts operating the human body replacing the brain, and only after a while leaves the body. It happens not often, probably only when the person is supposed to complete a certain mission designated by God. I can see no other explanation of such phenomena.

Sergei Demkin
Source: "Tainaya Vlast" newspaper

Author`s name Andrey Mikhailov