Hague Tribunal Wants Russian Citizens to Stand Trial for War Crimes in Bosnia

Croatian generals relax in health centers

The Hague Tribunal does not exclude an opportunity to call dozens of Russian citizens into criminal account. It goes about the people, who conducted the warfare with Bosnian Serbs during the period of 1993-1995. This was stated by the Tribunal emissary in Sarajevo, Vanessa Le Roa.

In the interview to Rosbalt news agency she claimed that Russia was not willing to discuss that question on the international level yet. She added that up to 700 Russian people waged war on the side of the Bosnian Serbs. It was also stated that the investigators of the Tribunal had already collected enough evidence to prove Russian citizens’ participation in war crimes against Muslims and Croatians.

Rosbalt news agency reminded in this connection that not less than 200 thousand people – presumably the Serbs - died as a result of the Bosnian war. The Croatian press reported that a group of medical experts of the Hague Tribunal was to arrive in Zagreb (the capital of Croatia) in two or three weeks. The doctors are intended to check the medical documentation pertaining to war crimes suspect Janko Bobetko’s state of health. The Croatians refused to extradite General Bobetko  to the Hague, having referred to his poor health.

Radio Jugoslavija reported with reference to Croatian mass media that Bobetko was currently treated in the Dubrava hospital in Zagreb. The treatment was started in November of the past year. Croatian Prime Minister Ivica Racan guaranteed that Bobetko was not going to receive any indictment document during the time of his staying at the hospital. Yet, the Hague Tribunal sent such a document to the Croatian government at the end of September 2002. Janko Bobetko is charged with the war crimes that were committed during a 1993 operation, in which more than a hundred Serbian village civilians were killed and 15 villages completely destroyed. This crime happened on the outskirts of the town of Gospica in Croatia.

Janko Bobetko keeps undergoing the medical treatment anyway.

Sergey Yugov

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

Author`s name Olga Savka