Expensive logo does not mean successful

Few would argue that a logo is the "face" of the company and has a certain impact on the popularity of various brands. Incidentally, logos of popular brands are not always created by 'cool' designers and are expensive. Here is the history of some of them.

The first Citroen logo was designed personally by the founder Andre Citroen, and was free for the company. The exact amount paid for the last "redesign", when the famous "double chevron" acquired a more contemporary look, is not known.

Chevrolet logo story is very similar to the story of Citroen. It was originally developed by the company founder William Durant. The general concept of a cross-shaped logo subsequently remained unchanged, but the cost of rare updates is a mystery.

Coca-Cola Logo did not cost the owners a cent. As legend has it, the author is an accountant and partner of the company founder Frank M. Robinson. He also came up with the name of the company. The first logo at the Coca-Cola appeared in 1886, and the recognizable label - in 1890. Since then, the logo remained nearly unchanged.

The logo of the main competitor of Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, has been repeatedly changed over the years. There was even a joke that the company was unable to become a market leader because its leadership was more concerned with the external component than increasing sales. One of the world's most famous manufacturers of soda forked out a million dollars for the latest version of its logo. 

Nike logo was designed in 1971 by a student Carolyn Davidson. She was hired by the company owner Phil Knight to work with graphic materials. One day, Carolyn was tasked with drawing a company logo. She was paid $35 for her work.

Microsoft logo was developed by the company employees, as the thrifty owners did not want to involve external designers. While this logo is hardly a masterpiece of the design idea, it still played its role brilliantly.

Rumor has it that the Apple logo in its current form was designed completely free of charge. Its creator is designer Rob Janoff of Regis McKenna's office. McKenna and Janoff agreed to help the young company for free only to get rid of the annoying Steve Jobs as soon as they could. As we know, the "apple" has become famous all over the world.

Jobs had to pay $100,000 for the logo of his second company NeXT to a renowned designer Paul Rand, who is also the designer of logos for IBM, UPS and ABC.

Google Logo was developed by one of the founders Sergey Brin, who used a free image editor GIMP. Changes to the logo were made several times and always only by the company staff.

The famous bird on Twitter logo was purchased for six dollars in a stock photo bank. In the end, its author Simon Oxley did not get rich, but managed to become famous. The logo was subject to several minor changes made by the company employees.

Enron logo was one of many created in the mid-1990's by designer Paul Rand who was paid $33,000 for his work. Unfortunately, the rebranding effort did not help it to stay afloat. In 2001, Enron went bankrupt due to falsification of financial reports.

The logo of Accenture consulting company was developed in 2001, when Andersen Consulting that broke away from Arthur Andersen had to urgently re-brand, including changing of the name and logo. The company paid an astronomical sum of $100 million for the logo, while the author of the new name is a humble Oslo unit employee Kim Paterson.

The logo of the Norwegian postal service Posten Norge, oddly enough, was among the most expensive in the world. The postal company paid $55 million dollars for its development.

Margarita Troitsina.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov