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Pharmaceutical industry concentrates in Russia's Kaluga region

Prospects of pharmacology were discussed in the Kaluga region within the scope of the third Innovation Forum "PharmEvolution: Localization of Pharmaceutical Production and Research in Russia. Practice, Trends and Prospects." The forum was held in the city of Obninsk. The forum brought together representatives of government institutions and leading international and Russian companies of the pharmaceutical market.

The big event was organized by the Government of the Kaluga Region, the Ministry of Regional Development of the Information Society and Innovation, and the Obninsk administration. It is worth mentioning that this year's forum was held with the active support of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia and non-commercial partnership Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster.

Obninsk is one of the first science cities. Its history began more than 50 years ago. The city still stands at the cutting edge of science and manufacturing. In late November, CEOs and senior managers of 20 leading international and Russian companies, taking more than half of Russia's pharmaceutical market, arrived in Obninsk. The heads of regional clusters of the six regions of Russia, as well as representatives of state institutions also came to share their ideas for the development of the pharmaceutical industry. The number of participants exceeded 440 people. The Kaluga region is one of the most favorable regions, where it is possible and necessary to build pharmaceutical factories.

Major issues and challenges of the forum fit into federal policy "Pharma - 2020." The region's status as the leader of the innovation cluster can be seen in the personal presence of top managers of three most prestigious public sector organizations: the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, the Association of International Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and the Union of Pharmaceutical Clusters of Russia.

The forum started with a plenary session. The participants discussed the prospects of the Russian pharmaceutical industry and the role of regional clusters in the creation and implementation of innovative and strategically important medicines.

Further discussions were held in the format of breakout sessions. Scientists and researchers from the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow State University, Institute of Experimental Cardiology Research and Production Complex, JSC Chemical Diversity Research Institute, Institute of Physiologically Active Substances, Moscow Physical-Technical Institute, First Moscow State Medical University named after I. Sechenov, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry of the RAS, Kurchatov Institute, Institute of Chemical Technology Fraunhofer (Germany), representatives of manufacturing companies, students and graduates of universities in the region were invited to take in the dialogue.

During the forum, non-profit partnership Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster and Chemical Cluster Bavaria signed a memorandum of understanding. Within the scope of the agreement, it is planned to conduct joint research and accelerate the commercialization of scientific research in the field of medical nanotechnology and pharmaceutical technology and in the field of recycling the wastes of pharmaceutical productions.

Previously, such forums were dedicated to innovation in general. The third Obninsk forum had a specific topic. For the first time, the forum discussed exclusively pharmaceutical issues. The issues of cooperation between large companies and research centers and small businesses were also discussed. The status of the event attracted the attention of foreign innovation centers and the centers of cluster development, the leaders of the world pharmaceutical companies from France, Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Germany and Ukraine.

"Obninsk has become the main platform for pharmaceutical companies. These are largest Russian companies: MR-FARM, Medbiopharm, Bion, JSC Obninsk Medical and Pharmaceutical Company, LLC NEARMEDIC PLUS. Moreover, Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster should become the leader of the pharmaceutical market by 2020," Executive Director of Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster, Roman Bolgarin said.

Indeed, there are all prerequisites in the region for the development of a pharmaceutical cluster. There is a network of innovative parks, education, infrastructure and service centers. Currently, investments in the production, development and promotion of production of the pharmaceutical cluster makes up more than 6 billion rubles, including private ones - more than 4 billion rubles.

According to representatives of Business Russia public organization, Russia has an extensive experience of regional industrial development. However, the cluster approach includes science, business, government, production - all together.

Pravda.Ru correspondent talked to CEO of NEARMEDIC PLUS, Nikolay Nesterenko, about the goals, objectives, problems and, most importantly, the combination of interests of such a large number of market players under the conditions of one cluster.

According to Nikolay Nesterenko, the forum in Obninsk is a significant component in the development of a very important industry for the country. The creation of Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster is very good for both the region and Russia as a whole. "It seems to me that the cluster is a new establishment, when a variety of representatives of different directions and even productions unite on the base of their interests. For the Kaluga region, the positive aspect is about the creation of new jobs, new infrastructure, common customs, common storage facilities, the construction of roads," said Nikolai Nesterenko.

Nesterenko pointed out the interest of foreign companies, which, in turn, will bring additional resources to the development in the Kaluga Pharmaceutical Cluster. Russia's largest manufacturers of medicines are obviously interested. It primarily goes about the construction of plants in the region and new markets for the sale of products. Plus, the Kaluga region has a good scientific potential.

There are difficulties, of course. "The lack of money and manpower. But this is actually a common problem. However, if there is a good investment climate, it changes everything. I have been to many places in Russia, choosing a place for the construction of the plant, but I chose the Kaluga region, because if the local administration invites people to work and says that they will be provided with electricity, gas, roads, water - this is what they do. These are not just words but action. This is very important for investors. This is a plus," said the specialist.

"Judging by the pace of development of the Kaluga cluster, by the contribution that the companies of the cluster already contribute to the development of the Russian pharmaceutical industry, I would call the processes in the region, as well as the event itself a pharmaceutical revolution," says one of the participants, vice-president of pharmaceutical company NovoNordisk, Sergey Smirnov said.

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