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Why Russians Cry at Work

Why Russians Cry at Work. 45031.jpegAccording to the Russian Federal State Statistics Service, there are 4.6 million of unemployed in Russia. Not all of them are looking for a formal employment, particularly because being employed does not always feel that great. Every other of those surveyed acknowledged that at some point they broke into tears at work, and women are not the only ones who weep. Most often, the work makes cry ordinary rank and file employees.

According to the survey conducted by the portal, 33% of professionals such as economists and analysts, cry at work. Business owners shed the least amount of tears - the portal has not identified any of them. According to the study, 55% of Russians cry because things go wrong at work. "One in ten of them (11%) is male," the website says.


Even the defenders of the Fatherland sometimes allow themselves to cry. Sometimes they have to deal with human tragedy in their work. "1% of soldiers admitted to crying at work at times," reported.
The work itself brings tears to only 18% of Russians. Getting fired is not perceived by most as a tragedy, and only 5% of the polled cry under these circumstances.

The main cause of tears is the bosses (55%) and colleagues (21%). External partners (customers and clients) made only 5% of Russians cry. Men tend to react more emotionally to professional insults, while women - to the work environment.


More often men experience such stress because of their bosses (59%) and the work itself (32%). Women tend to cry more often because of their colleagues (23% versus 5% among men).
Employees most frequently cry at work because of unfounded accusations (57%), as well as harassment from colleagues (29%).

In addition, as reported by the study, men are much more likely than women to cry because of wage arrears (14% vs. 3%), cuts / bonuses (23% vs. 4%) and firing (14% vs. 4%). Women, in turn, are much more likely than men to cry because of unfounded accusations (59% vs. 41%).

Only approximately a third of those offended decide to act on it. 9% of workers brought to tears try to take revenge on their offenders, and one in five (21%) simply quit, the survey found.

The first job turns into a serious stress for half of Russian students and graduates. This is evidenced by the polls of 5,000 young professionals conducted by the portal

According to the poll, one in four stresses occurs because of new responsibilities, 13% of young professionals have admitted that it was difficult to cope with the increased responsibility, while 11% could not adjust to the new work schedule. For 9% the stress was the result of a heavy workload.
57% of young professionals cope with stress with the help of their colleagues, and every fourth new employee copes on their own.
According to the research center of the recruitment portal, the happiest employees are psychologists and sales managers. The greatest number of those unhappy is among system administrators.
89% of surveyed psychologists, 83% of sales managers in 82% of architects, accountants, superintendents and marketing managers stated they were happy.

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