Russian man orders 100,000-dollar worth tree house for his son

The most expensive house in a tree will be built in Britain. An unidentified Russian oligarch ordered the three storeyed house for his son. The 100,000-dollar worth dream house will be shipped to Moscow in May, The Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph reports.

Six employees of Treehouse Company have been working on the custom-made house for several weeks already. The house will have stained glass windows, a plasma TV, stairways, a wire bridge, and an elevator on ropes that will be able to lift the cargo of up to 250 kilos.

The company’s owner, Herbie McKenzie, said that it was the largest order that the firm had received in eight years of its work. The company will produce a 12-meter tree house that will sit not in a tree, but between several trees. It will be the largest tree house that the company has ever made.

The house is being built out of doors because it does not fit inside the barn, where employees usually work. The generous Russian father will have a look at the construction before it is disassembled to be shipped to Russia.

The workers have to use an interpreter in their communication with the customer, but they are certain that the client will like the house when he sees it. The company takes account of Russia’s severe climate conditions too.

As for the boy, he is one lucky child.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov