Russian man predicted financial crisis one year ago

Victor Maslov, a well-known Russian mathematician, predicted the beginning of the financial crisis using his calculations one year ago. He also managed to prepare for the hard times.

Maslov, the winner of many prestigious awards in mathematics, has solved a number of complicated state problems, including Chernobyl sarcophagus. He also managed to predict the Russian default in 1998 and the demise of the Soviet Union.

“I managed to show that those phenomena which happen today in world economy have much in common with some processes in physics. In other words, we speak here about so-called phase transitions when the situation worsens not smoothly, but suddenly”, Maslov says.

According to Maslov, the financial crisis the world is witnessing now is a typical example of the situation when it was possible to predict it using the laws of physics.

"Such processes well-known in physics and formulas perfectly describe them. These formulas can be also applied in economy. For example, it is possible to predict not only the crisis but also its date," the mathematician says.

“The present financial crisis was not actually a surprise. Last summer I sold my dacha and my apartment and sent all the money to my children abroad,” says Maslov.

“My calculations showed that the USA already went through a certain threshold behind which crisis usually begin. I knew that my children would find themselves in a difficult situation so I gave them some advice how to use the money best”, Maslov says.

The mathematician explained that he managed to calculate critical number for the US debts as they stepped over the definite line long time ago. The mathematician also assured that it is possible to calculate critical number for Russia.

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Author`s name Alex Naumov