Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

World’s dirtiest apartment on sale in USA

An apartment, which can run for the title of the dirtiest apartment in the world, has been found on the real estate market in the United States. The owner decided that it would be a lot easier to sell the apartment than to clean it up.

A rentier from Houston, Texas, said that one of his tenants had not been paying her rent for a month and eventually moved out. The man was shocked to see piles of garbage which the woman had left in his apartment. The man described his story on website. it can be seen on the photos that it is practically impossible to make a step in the apartment, the condition of which can be described as horrid. The owner says that there should be two cats somewhere underneath the garbage, although it has not been possible to find them yet. The stench in the rooms implies that the animals have died.

The apartment cost about $80,000 before the uncleanly woman moved in. Now the owner is ready to sell it to someone who makes the largest bid. For the time being, the largest bid makes up $39,000. The man jokes that the buyer may have the deal of the century if he or she is on good terms with brooms.

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