Author`s name Alex Naumov

Ferrari for kids to be available next month

Berg Toys has created the Ferrari FXX pedal cars for the kids.

FXX Racer pedal car comes equipped with a seven-speed transmission, an on-board computer, disc brakes, semi-slick racing tires and styling, which, as you can see, is modeled on Maranello's developmental track-car.

For those to whom cost is no object, the FXX Exclusive upgrades with a premium racing bucket and four-point harness, leather steering wheel and even an aero kit.

Berg will be offering both models ($700 and $2100 respectively) through its own dealer network and through Ferrari dealerships starting next month, reports.

Bugatti and the Alfa Romeo also have pedal car models.

Bugatti reputedly made only 499 of the Baby Bugatti, Type 52, between 1927 and 1930.

Bugatti sold his Babies to the rich and famous: future kings and scions of industrial and banking fortunes. The Baby's speed was about 17 km/h (10 mph). Like the originals, Baby Bugattis are not really meant to race around the backyard. They're simply too costly.

Handmade aluminum coachwork and frame, cast aluminum wheels, leather seat and bonnet straps, chrome finished bronze radiator, and more. Best if savored in person, simply to appreciate this Baby in its full and spectacular splendor.