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Obama: No, he can't, he just can't

Obama: No, he can't, he just can't. 52098.png

The U.S. political system is set up in a way that there are only two political parties that can occupy senior government posts. This includes presidency, which passes from one party to another. In 2008, there was a sensational victory of an African-American presidential candidate with nearly socialist slogans. He won the 2012 elections as well. Even a person far removed from politics understands that something impossible had happened.

It is no secret that the U.S. is far from democracy, even in its own understanding. The American power vertical is riddled with numerous lobbyists, and media is monopolized by a few oligarchs who are so influential that they are independent from the government.

So, the U.S. has planned, but never implemented an intervention in Syria, has nearly defaulted and experienced a temporary government shutdown due to a conflict between the Congress, the Senate and the president; Obamacare is failing, Snowden is making his revelations...

The approval rating of the first black president of the United States fell to a record low of 35% in January of 2014. In fact, Barack Obama became the scapegoat of the entire ruling elite of America. Did he give promises? Did he not deliver? Is he losing not only to Vladimir Putin but also his "partners" from the European countries? There are mass shootings in schools and colleges, and Obama is seriously considering a restriction on civilian weapons possession. Tens of thousands of drones will rise over the cities to "maintain order." NSA continues to monitor every move of every American. As a result, sociologists say that approximately two thirds of the American citizens believe that the country is being led in a wrong direction, and over 50 % of all Americans are expecting an "armed rebellion."

As a result, on February 3rd, 2014, in his interview to TV channel Fox News Barack Obama criticized the channel for bias against him and his decisions. Can you imagine Putin complaining of too close of attention and criticism of the press? Churchill? Stalin? Roosevelt? Kennedy or even Bush junior and senior? Would De Gaulle's appeal to media "you attack me too much"? This is against the backdrop of the largest media companies that, in fact, accused the Obama administration of censorship. For example, the White House does not like "informal photos" or critical notes, and journalists are invited to "use press releases " and "press photos." 

No wonder that after this, the Americans create and publish "comparisons" in which a "good black guy" on the background, for example, of the Russian president looks like a weak link. They also write in social networks that when the president was beaten in the street as a child, he probably also gathered his abusers and told them he was tired of attacks. Here he is being beaten in the backyard of the White House."


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