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Proud Owner of Russia's Largest Silicon Breasts Sues Airline

Proud Owner of Russia's Largest Silicon Breasts Sues Airline

Irene Ferrari, the owner of the largest silicon breast in Russia who got the title in a respective competition almost lost her treasure the other day. During a Moscow-Zurich flight the plane experienced some strong turbulence and the model hit the back of the chair in front of her with her breast.

The silicon breast worked like airbags. Doctors said that if it was not them, Irene would be spending some time in a hospital with broken ribs. She only got some bruises and strong pain in her left breast. When in Moscow, the model felt so sick she had to go see a doctor.

Now Irene is going to sue a Swiss airline because she believes that the uncomfortable plane cased her trauma. She said she always flies business class because the distance between the seats is larger and she can fit her breast well. It turned out that on that particular flight business class seat was no different than the economy seat.

“It was a strong blow and I hit my left breast. I was in pain. When I went to see a surgeon in Russia I was told I have problems with my breast,” she told NTV in an interview.

Irene wants to make the airline pay for her treatment and consultations. She hired a lawyer who will be representing her in court. The model intends to get €100,000 in reimbursement. The amount includes the reimbursement for ruined vacation.

The lawyer thinks she have good chances to win as they have witnessed who could support the claim.

This is not the first time Irene is suing an airline. Last June her silicon breast burst during landing at a Moscow-LA flight. She collapsed on the floor in the airport and was hospitalized.

“I felt something was wrong with my breast. It was sore and shrinking and I realized that my implant was torn. Later it turned out that the implant was defective. It was leaking and during the flight the leakage has increased.”

It looks like it may be dangerous to be the owner of huge breasts. But it is easier to believe that not a very popular model Irene Ferrari is just working for her PR by intentionally getting involved in such “accidents.” Last time she received settlements from the airline and the French surgeon who gave hew defective implants.

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