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Brave Mini-Skirts, Avoid Side Effects, Have Courage!

Brave Mini-Skirts, Avoid Side Effects, Have Courage!

Mini-skirts are popular not only among young and pretty long-legged girls, but also among more mature women with shapes far from perfect. They are convinced that short skirts make them visually younger and more attractive. Often ladies forget about health issues associated with mini-skirts. MedPulse.ru talked to Alzhana Gadzhieva, an OB/GYN, to find out what risks are involved.

“I have plenty of experience wearing mini-skirts, and I never had kidney diseases or gynecological issues. Mini-skirts should be worn sensibly".

Indeed, doctors, namely, OB/GYNs and urologists, complain about their female patients suffering from pyelonephritis, cystitis, and epididymitis. Women sit on metal benches, stone steps or wear skirts in cold weather and then suffer.

In addition to the above diseases you could get radiculitis or sciatica, both very painful. In rare cases such carelessness may lead to infertility.

Another issue is that women wearing mini-skirts often treat their "colds" with home-made remedies without consulting a doctor. Women who discover symptoms of female reproductive system diseases must consult a doctor regardless of length of their skirts and avoid self-diagnostics.

It is likely that they may need help of not only OB/GYN but also a urologist or venerologist.

Symptoms of gynecological and urological diseases and STDs are similar to each other. Therefore, it is recommended that each of these specialists is seen. If symptoms are ignored, a disease may become chronic.

A doctor will recommend diagnostic procedures to help to find pathogenic germs that caused the disease.

However, inflammatory processes may develop due to a cold and weakened immune system. This is where mini-skirts come into play.

So what to do to avoid side-effects of mini-skirts?

- In cold weather wear a long coat and leggings to avoid colds.
- Do not sit on metal or stone surfaces. Even a few minutes are enough to catch a cold.
- When using public transportation, do not sit down if you are wearing a mini-skirt and no stockings to avoid infections.
- If your legs leave much to be desired, do not wear mini-skirts at all not to look ridiculous. Nice pants will look much better.
- Do not forget about safety. Your appearance may provoke men for aggressive actions. According to statistics, girls wearing mini-skirts have more chances to be sexually violated since they look more approachable. Do not wear mini-skirts in the dark, especially when walking alone. Remember that your urge to be pretty may cause you loss of health or even life.

Irina Shlionskaya

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