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UFO Alert in China

UFO Alert in China

Last week an Unidentified Flying Object disrupted traffic at Xiaoshan Airport in the PR China. The incident happened late last Wednesday night, July 14. 18 flights, involving 2,000 passengers were affected by the apparition, which was seen by several eye-witnesses (see photo) but which did not show up on the airport’s radar system.

China Daily reports that the UFO incident which occurred last week over Xiaoshan Airport, Hangzhou, the provincial capital of Zhejiang Province, more specifically at around 20.30 on Wednesday July 14, has still not been solved. The airport was closed after an airport official saw “a shimmering object” over the airport at 20.30. The alert was given and the airport was closed fifteen minutes later.

The object had not shown up on the airport’s radar systems but was photographed by an eye-witness (see the photograph) and was sufficiently serious to close the airport “for security reasons” until 21.41. Eighteen flights were disturbed by the incident, affecting around two thousand passengers. Twelve inbound flights had to be diverted to the airports of Ningbo in Zhejiang and Wuxi in Jiangsu Province. Six outbound flights suffered delays of between three and four hours.

The incident hit the internet at 23.00 on the same Wednesday night, when a netizen wrote three entries on Sina.com but these were all deleted shortly afterwards, after he claimed he had not properly researched his stories, reports China Daily.

How then to explain the incident and the photograph? Xinhua News Agency quoted Wang Jian, the Head of Air Traffic Control with the Zhejiang branch of the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), who said the following day “No conclusion has been made” and dismissed local media reports that it might have been a private aircraft as “a guess”, while China Daily quoted “a source with knowledge in the matter” as stating that there was a military connection and that an explanation would be given.

To date, the local authorities state that those responsible for compensation to passengers and airlines for the disruption will be the Unidentified Flying Object itself. And no explanation has been forthcoming.

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