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Russian FM Lavrov: Western media resort to outright lies

Russian FM Lavrov: Western media resort to outright lies. 52750.jpeg
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Foreign Minister of Uganda, Sam Kutesa, arrived in Russia to hold talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on strengthening economic ties between the two countries and building international cooperation. Uganda is one of the most important trade partners of Russia in East Africa; the two countries have many joint projects. During the meeting, a memorandum of cooperation between Russia and Uganda was signed.

During the press conference dedicated to the event, Sergei Lavrov noted that the positions of the two countries were largely similar not only in the economic sphere, but also in the issues related to estimating international problems. He stressed out that Russia and Uganda valued international law, identity of people, etc. Russian Foreign Minister thanked his counterpart for the support of Russia, especially in the issues related to inadmissibility of justification and revival of Nazism and fascism. Russia and Uganda are interested in a speedy resolution of conflicts in the Central African Republic, Mali, South Sudan, Congo and other countries. Russia and Uganda believe that every country should try to solve their problems independently, albeit with the support of the international community.

Kutesa said that his country was ready to cooperate with Russia fully. He hopes that the memorandum will be a framework document for future joint projects between Russia and Uganda, especially in the construction industry, science and investment.

At the press conference, Sergei Lavrov said that during the information war for Ukraine, the media outlets that protect the interests of the interim Ukrainian government often resort to outright lies.  It goes about Lavrov's statements regarding the referendum on the east of the country, as well as his attitude to the People's Republic of Donetsk. In particular, it has recently been reported that Russian FM Sergei Lavrov called the supporters of Ukraine's federalization terrorists.

Russian Foreign Minister said that Russia respects the decision of the residents of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. In addition, he said that Russia hopes for a peaceful resolution of the political crisis in Ukraine, which is impossible without a national dialogue in this country. At the same time, he said, there was no new international meeting being planned on the Ukrainian crisis.

Lavrov stressed that the next meeting should not repeat the experience of the Geneva meeting. One needs to ask representatives of the Donetsk's Republic take part in the new meeting, should it take place, the Minister said. According to Lavrov, without direct dialogue between the conflict parties in Ukraine, any agreements will be useless. Nevertheless, he believes that the interim government in Kiev has not recognized the need for such a dialogue. Lavrov also stressed that the next round of negotiations should take place simultaneously with the organization of investigation of bloody tragedies in Mariupol, Odessa and other settlements of Ukraine.

Noteworthy, two more people have died at hospitals in Odessa from injuries that they received during violent clashes in the city on May 2nd.

Thus, the official death toll from the Odessa massacre has climbed to 48. As of the morning of May 12, 43 victims of the tragic events remain at hospitals in Odessa, two of them - in serious condition.

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