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Fascist massacres in Ukraine: West nods from the sidelines

Fascist massacres in Ukraine: West nods from the sidelines. 52856.jpeg
Odessa massacre: Unknown in the west

Has anyone heard one word from the west after Kiev sent in its armed forces and deployed military hardware against those opposing the illegal Putsch in Eastern Ukraine? Why no, they claim that slaughtering civilians is the Kiev government's right: Kill to protect. In other words, protect people by killing them.

What was that the west was saying about Russia? You know, the bit about invading Eastern Ukraine and stirring up trouble? And what was that the west was saying about Colonel Gaddafi bombing his own people, even if he wasn't? Remember when they sent in the special forces and aircraft to protect the civilians?

Well, what is the west doing to protect the civilians in Eastern Ukraine, the victims of Fascist massacres in Mariupol, in Slaviansk, in Odessa, in Donetsk? In a word, nothing. It is looking on nonchalantly, giving the nod first to the illegal coup d'état leaders which held the fort between the ousting of President Yanukovich in February and last Sunday's election, which has placed in power some chocolate magnate called Poroshenko (Roshen Group, Bonbonetti products).

Poroshenko has started off in the most abrasive and idiotic way possible, underlining the fact that his emotional intelligence level must be somewhere near minus six, underlining the fact that he is in fact a NATO stooge placed in power to take Ukraine into NATO and into the European Union, whereupon he will stir up trouble with Russia because this entire show was about NATO grabbing Russia's Crimea bases, as a means to shut Russia off from the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea and encircle it by land and by sea on its western and southern flanks.

Ukraine is the only country in Europe where the military are slaughtering civilians because Kiev's rule is so popular in Eastern Ukraine that it has to be imposed by the barrel of a gun. For the west, that is cool. Russia is the one calling for peace, for mediation, for the newly-elected (?) President to speak to the Eastern Ukrainians. Kiev's response is to burn people alive in buildings, torture Russian-speaking persons to death, strangle Russian-speaking cleaning ladies with telephone wire, then slit their throats, and shell apartment buildings, shopping centres and churches.

Where are the words of shock and outrage from Mr. Barack Nobel Peace Prizewinner Obama, the Right Honourable Mr. David Self-Righteous Cameron and their nasty sidekicks in the State Department and Foreign and Commonwealth Office? Nowhere. Yet their silence speaks volumes about where they stand and who and what they are.

If their aim is to humiliate Russia, then let us ask the question to whom does the Crimea now belong, who retained the military bases and who wanted them but didn't get them? Sour grapes. Who has lost the civil war in Syria? And what has Russia done? Protected its assets, protected its citizens and acted responsibly. No invasion of Eastern Ukraine has taken place, Russia is the one calling for international law to be respected and peace to be implemented.

Kiev is massacring civilians. And the west is looking on, with nothing to say. How sickeningly predictable. And not one member of Congress or Parliament has a question to ask. How sickeningly predictable. Who is going to be held responsible for these massacres? Nobody. How sickeningly predictable.

So let nobody in the west for a very long time talk about the law.

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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