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Odessa: Massacre!

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The western-backed Fascist Putsch leaders who seized power illegally in Ukraine in February have blood on their hands. Not only have they sent military aviation and tanks to fire on civilians, the Ukrainian security forces have watched over a massacre which murdered over 40 people in Odessa. Were these the orders of Kerry and Biden?

Their crime? While Kiev accuses them of terrorism, all they have done is to demand that they be heard by the Kiev Putsch Government, whose first actions after illegally seizing power in February and ousting the democratically elected President (Yanukovich) without respecting any of the four scenarios for impeachment, were to issue anti-Russian edicts.

Backed by the West, the Putsch leaders in Kiev swept to power to a backdrop of cries of "Death to Russians and Jews!", to scenes of abduction and torture of Russian-speaking citizens, while Nobel Peace Prizewinner Obama and his NATO poodles waited to get their hands on the Crimean Military Bases. Two reactions: from Moscow, a swift, bold and decisive campaign sees these bases today sitting inside Russian territory (Russia won and NATO lost) and from the Russian-speaking inhabitants of Eastern Ukraine, demands for their voices to be heard and their rights upheld.

The fault? How Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the self-appointed "Prime Minister" of Ukraine can blame civilians for being burnt alive in a building they had barricades themselves into to protect themselves against marauding bands of Fascists, supported by the Ukrainian Security Forces, defies logic but then again what to expect from a self-imposed regime which includes in or near its ranks Fascists, racists and those who have boasted of links to Al-Qaeda?

If this is peace and security, as Yatsenyuk claims, then it is also a massacre and the self-appointed illegal "Government" in Kiev has the blood of martyrs on its hands, forty-two to be exact. If this is peace and reconciliation, then why now as we read these lines are Ukrainian security forces imposing Kiev's will on civilians who want to enjoy their rights?

The further East you go from Kiev, the worse the idea of the "Government" and the less trusted it is. After the Massacre of Odessa, who can blame the Russian-speaking citizens of the Ukraine to regard the Fascist-inspired ultra-nationalists in power as anything but hostile?


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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