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Iran missile tests: Back off!


Iran missile tests: Back off!. 46291.jpegThe Islamic Republic of Iran has completed ten days of military exercises in the Gulf with the successful testing for the first time of the Ghader Missile, which has a range of 200 kilometers after a medium-range surface-to-air missile was launched on Sunday January 1. As the western clique of terrorist states rattles its sabres, the message from Teheran rings out loud and clear: **ck off!

Back off! Is the message ringing clearly from Teheran as the FUKUS nations (France, US and UK) rattle their sabres and make bellicose insinuations after the world's most blatant example of terrorism in Libya, a conflict as yet far from over although the western media have gone quiet and as Libya's more violent terrorists have been shipped to the Syrian front.

The Iranian military exercises are significant, since the Ghader missile can be used with a nuclear warhead, has a range of 200 km. and can be a surface-to-air or surface-to-water missile to be used against marine targets. Furthermore, its sophisticated navigation system makes it undetectable to all types of radar. It is an Iranian-designed and mass-produced missile which was delivered last week to the Naval Forces of the IR Iran, the Islamic Republican Guard (IRGC) and the Ministry of Defense.

The delivery of this missile in large numbers spells a timely message to the US Naval Forces in the area, because the mass deployment of this equipment would render the Gulf an underwater scrap yard and would see thousands more US families mourning their sons and daughters in foreign ventures which have nothing whatsoever to do with the United States of America. Maybe if the USA would oblige, and move its ships into the Straight of Hormuz and then launch an attack, then the USA itself could close the Straight, where up to 20% of the world's oil passes, with its own junk.

The West's insolence on Iran and its nuclear programme is unparalleled: it is not illegal for a country to develop nuclear energy for peaceful means, reducing reliance upon oil and anyway, where is the discussion about Israel's nuclear arsenal? If Israel can sit on up to 100 nuclear warheads, then why the Hell can't Iran?

Iran's missiles

Shahab-3b: 2,500km

Sajjil-1 and 2: 2,000km

Shahab-3a: 1,800km

Shahab-3: 1,300km

Shahab-2: 500km

Zelzal: up to 400km

Fateh: 170km

Tondar: 150km


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey



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