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In September CIS to look into AIDS spread

01.08.2002 | Source:



In September the Commonwealth of Independent States is going to hold the first session of national coordinators from members of the Commonwealth on the programme of undelayed steps against the spread of AIDS.

This programme has a special importance because it is in continuation of the UN declaration on adherence to the anti-HIV/AIDS struggle as applied to Commonwealth states and is the first-ever regional document in this field, said on Thursday Sergei Borshchevsky, director of the department for humanitarian cooperation and ecological security of the CIS Executive Committee.

According to him, the programme of undelayed steps against the spread of AIDS in countries of the Commonwealth will greatly tell on the formation of a new youth policy in Russia and other countries of the Commonwealth.

Borshchevsky also said that the programme envisages interaction between the state, public and private sectors, which stake on full-fledged participation of all interested parties, including the most socially vulnerable groups of the population -- "people with HIV-AIDS".

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