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Saudi Arabia to invest $3 million in Lebanese army

30.12.2013 | Source:


Saudi Arabia to invest $3 million in Lebanese army. 51865.jpeg

Saudi Arabia plans to invest $3 million to the Lebanese army to strengthen its combat capabilities, CNN News reports with reference to a state-run news agency.

"The Saudi investment in the Lebanese army is the largest investment in the history of the country," said President Michel Suleiman. 

According to him, with this money, the army will be able to buy weapons from France, whose president arrived in Saudi Arabia to discuss the crisis in the Middle East and strengthen economic ties.

Analysts believe that the majority of the people of Lebanon will likely approve the generous gift from Saudi Arabia, although there are different opinions on the matter, of course. The Saudis believe that they can thus weaken Hezbollah, Iran or Syria, analysts believe.

Hezbollah is equipped with better quality equipment and hardware than the government army of Lebanon. In 2013, Hezbollah joined forces with the troops of the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad in the struggle against militants, who unleashed a civil war in the country.

Saudi Arabia was highly concerned about the move. Moreover, the country did not welcome the decision of the West not to discuss the question about the toppling of Syrian President Bashar Assad at the upcoming conference to regulate the Syrian crisis. 


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