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Donbass republics unite into Union of People's Republics

26.06.2014 | Source:




Donbass republics unite into Union of People's Republics. 53045.jpeg

People's republics of Ukraine's Donbass formally united in a confederation, elected their constitution and the head of the united parliament.

Deputies of the Union of People's Republics that was created on the basis of people's republics of Donbass, elected Oleg Tsarev, the leader of the movement South-East, as the head of the unified parliament. 

The speaker of the unified parliament was elected unanimously, Interfax reports. The session was attended by 49 deputies, including 28 from Luhansk and 21 from the Donetsk People's Republic. The new parliament will be holding its sessions every other Monday. 

Later the same day, the parliament ratified the Constitution of the Union of People's Republics. The document was adopted unanimously.

The text of the Constitution states that the Union of People's Republics is a "democratic, confederal state of law" that recognizes and protects equal rights of citizens. In accordance with the constitution, the Union can accept other countries as members. The territory of the union is a nuclear-free zone.


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