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New Ukraine wants to put Yanukovych on trial in The Hague

25.02.2014 | Source:


New Ukraine wants to put Yanukovych on trial in The Hague. 52232.jpeg

The Verkhovna Rada asked The Hague Tribunal to try former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych for crimes against humanity that he committed during the Maidan standoff.

Ukrainian deputies accuse Yanukovych of giving orders to kill and torture several thousands of people. In addition, the MPs plan to call into account former Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Viktor Pshonka and former Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko. As many as 324 deputies voted for the decision to appeal to The Hague Tribunal.

Opposition had stated before that all the documents for the appeal to The Hague had been prepared. In addition, the Rada has recently acknowledged that it subordinates to the International Court.

Viktor Yanukovych disappeared after the Rada found his power illegitimate. His whereabouts remain unknown.


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