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Kim Jong-un executed his uncle and assistants being drunk and upset

24.12.2013 | Source:




Kim Jong-un executed his uncle and assistants being drunk and upset. 51823.jpeg

Japanese media found out the reason behind the executions of two assistants of the uncle of Kim Jong-un. The North Korean leader was supposedly very drunk and upset when he gave orders for the execution, Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun wrote, citing a source in North Korea.

Kim Jong-un ordered to execute the officials after he noticed their hesitation about the order to pass a profitable business on coal mining and coal export to China under the control of the military. Kim was supposedly very upset to see that the officials were hesitating about the decision.

It goes about first deputy director of the administrative department of the ruling Workers' Party of the DPRK, Ha Ri Ryong, and associate director Chan Su Gil.

According to unconfirmed reports, six other people involved in the business were executed as well. After the executions, about a hundred of their relatives were sent to local camps.

In early December, one of the most influential politicians of North Korea, the uncle of the sitting leader of North Korea, Jang Song Taek, was executed. He was accused of treason, attempted coup d'etat, corruption, relations with prostitutes and gambling. In turn, security services said that Taek was dismissed from all his posts and executed due to his disagreements with Un over the distribution of financial flows.


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