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Chairman of Ukraine's Council of Judges steps down

24.01.2014 | Source:




Chairman of Ukraine's Council of Judges steps down. 52008.png

The press Service of Ukraine reported that the Council of Judges of the country sustained the claim from the chairman of the State Judicial Administration, Ruslan Kiriliuk, about dismissal from his post at his own request. Kiriliuk was taking the position since September 2010.

The State Judicial Administration of Ukraine ensures organizational activities of judiciary authorities. The body is administered by the Congress of Judges of Ukraine.

On January 24th, it was said that Volyn region Governor Boris Klimchuk, as well as the head of the regional council Vladimir Voitovich, resigned from their posts. On January 23, in Lviv, protesters occupied the local regional state administration and forced its head, Oleg Salo, to resign. However, Salo consequently called his statement null and void.

Meanwhile, the parliament of Ukraine's Crimea called for a state of emergency in Ukraine.


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