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Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport closes because of UFO

10.10.2012 | Source:


Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion Airport closes because of UFO. 48216.jpeg

The work of Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, was interrupted. A strange flying object appeared close to the air borders of the country. The object could be an enemy's aircraft.

Fighter jets took off, but it turned out that the object did not pose a threat to Israel's security, Vesti.ru reports.

The airport resumed its work. However, nothing has been reported about the nature of the strange object.

Last week, Israeli Air Force shot down a drone that illegally crossed the Israeli border. The unmanned aircraft was staying in the air space of the country for about an hour, before Israeli military decided to destroy it. There were no explosives on board the drone, reports NoviostiUA.net.



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