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Murrysville attacker to be tried as adult for attempted murder

10.04.2014 | Source:



Murrysville attacker to be tried as adult for attempted murder. 52563.jpeg
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An American teenager, who attacked high school students in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, has been arrested and brought to trial. According to most recent reports, the attacker injured 22 people; four students remain in critical condition.

Despite the fact that the perpetrator is 16 years of age, he will be tried as an adult for  "attempted murder."

A high school student in Pennsylvania's 20,000-strong town of Murrysville,, went on massacre during classes. According to eyewitnesses, the young man, armed with two kitchen knives, was stabbing others indiscriminately, without uttering a single word. A few minutes later, someone rang a fire alarm, and students were ordered to leave the building immediately.

The guards failed to detain the attacker. Assistant Principal came to the rescue. He tackled the attacker, and a school officer managed to handcuff him.

In total, 22 people have been hospitalized. Four of them remain in critical condition and received surgery last night. Two of the victims suffered serious wounds of internal organs.

Meanwhile, the police are trying to identify the motive of the crime. The attacker was identified as Alex Hribal (16). The teen reportedly said that he wanted to die. 


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