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Ukrainians told to save natural gas to survive winter

07.07.2014 | Source:




Ukrainians told to save natural gas to survive winter. 53103.jpeg

The head of Naftogaz of Ukraine, Andrei Kobolev, urged the Ukrainian citizens to save gas, as the country may have problems with the fuel in winter.

According to Koboleva, the failed negotiations with Russia could lead to the shortage of six billion cubic meters of natural gas. To avoid the disaster, the population should save about four billion cubic meters.

Kobolev explained that it would be easy to save fuel with the help of such simple measures such as control handles on radiators and reasonable use of heating power. Kobolev previously stated that Ukraine would be able to survive the upcoming winter without Russian natural gas by reducing the consumption of about 6 billion cubic meters during the season.

On June 16, after several weeks of fruitless negotiations, Russia's Gazprom introduced the prepayment system in gas supply to Ukraine.

Ukraine wants $100bn from Russia for unpaid gas
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