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McCain wants USA to allocate military assistance to Ukraine worth $100m

05.05.2014 | Source:




McCain wants USA to allocate military assistance to Ukraine worth $100m. 52703.jpeg
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U.S. Republican Senator John McCain stated that members of the party were preparing a bill to allocate $100 million of military assistance to Ukraine.

According to him, a group of Republican senators, a very large group, offers to legislate military assistance to Ukraine in the amount of 100 million dollars. McCain considers the submitted bill is viable, but noted that it would take time that works against them. The Republicans, he said, are still trying to convince Obama to send military assistance to Ukraine.

The U.S. thus wants to provide financial assistance to Ukraine to resist Russian aggression. The Republicans, he added, would push Russia to withdraw troops and restore the status of the Crimea. "We will not abandon you," said McCain.

This is not the first time America is interfering in the internal conflict in Ukraine. The FBI and the CIA provide consulting support to the Kiev authorities.


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